How to choose a high quality concrete mixing plant?

To engage in the concrete industry, if we want to get a good profit, we must first have a set of high performance and reliable concrete mixing plant equipment, and the premise of a good equipment is to choose the manufacturer. How should the customer choose?

  • 1. manufacturers’ Honor
    Customers need to investigate whether the manufacturers of concrete mixing plant have good credit, reputation, certain production strength and production scale.
  • 2. manufacturer customer group
    Customers need to inspect the customer group of the manufacturer of the concrete mixing station equipment to determine the manufacturer’s reputation.
  • 3. factory system
    Whether the manufacturer has the relevant installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, vulnerable parts and technical guidance and other aspects of the policy and system.
  • 4.After sale of  manufacturers
    Investigate whether the manufacturer has a perfect and satisfactory after-sales service, such as how the equipment should be solved during the operation, such as failure.


Standard for buying concrete mixing stations

1, according to the scale of production
Manufacturers should decide the size of the equipment according to their own production scale. The equipment for the large-scale concrete mixing plant and the small-scale concrete mixing plant are the same. The only difference is the size of each type.

2, want to produce high quality concrete, then we must choose good quality production equipment
According to the scale of production to determine the selected equipment production capacity and advanced equipment, reliability, quality and general-purpose, based on these conditions to determine the equipment is good.

3, buy concrete mixing plant only focus on price is not sensible
Remember that quality is the most powerful weapon to prove when choosing a concrete mixing plant.

Concrete mixing station should pay attention to the use of environmental issues

With the increasingly serious environmental situation. The great economic development of our country is also carried out at the expense of our environmental destruction. With the deepening of the most stringent environmental law enforcement efforts, our concrete batching plant is also of great concern as a common environmental protection equipment for the infrastructure industry.

1. Dust handling improvements:
Aimed at the concrete mixing station in the fly ash, cement, mineral powder and dust in the station dust removal improvement measures.
(1)  Material yard and aggregate transportation and background yard packing.
(2)  Station dust easy to remove the need to install a dust collector, Sheng days in production have taken into account this.
(3)  Background material yard due to the semi-closed state, when installing the duster can be expected in the material yard and the material yard to install the upper spray equipment. To create the purpose of water curtain dust. The station can be equipped with high-pressure spray device, regularly clean up the station dust can also play the purpose of green vegetation.
2. Sewage Treatment Improvement Measures:
Sewage is divided into mixers and mixers to clean sewage and natural rainwater. Can be classified and collected through a reasonable sewage treatment directly to the production and use of vehicles and the main station to clean use. Realize the recycling of sewage, to achieve the goal of zero discharge of sewage from the whole station.
3. Waste treatment improvement measures:
Waste is mainly divided into the remaining waste tank mixer and sewage sedimentation of waste. These wastes can be pressure-filtered and classified as a feedstock to be properly equipped with concrete of different gauge sizes. Will not affect the quality of concrete, but also to achieve the entire station solid waste treatment problems.
4. Noise control improvements:
Noise is mainly the production of noise and vehicle noise. For the production of noise can be used in the entire station design, the use of concrete closed structure, as far as possible the noise control in the production of closed workshop, such as air compressor can be built closed plenum. Shock in the vibration damping pad to reduce the generation of noise. For vehicle noise, natural gas vehicles can be used to increase the station wall and reduce vehicle noise output.

How to effectively manage the mixing station?

Effective mixing station management measures is to ensure the quality of concrete, improve work efficiency, the key to achieving the goal of project quality. So how to effectively manage concrete mixing station?

1.Staff training
The current mixing plant configuration standards, the degree of automation are high, the content of information, the need for specialized management personnel to digest the data, so efficient management of mixing station is a prerequisite for training a group of highly qualified staff, the company should prepare the project Training plan and proper training and assessment focused, and gradually improve the management level of mixing station.
2.Working procedure
The mixing plant should work out plans on a monthly basis, organize the production of concrete according to the work plan, provide monthly demand plans for raw materials, reasonably arrange the maintenance, Maintenance, work tasks light, do a good job staff training. In strict accordance with the instructions for use and maintenance of machinery, storage of some wearing parts, according to the rules and regulations safe operating procedures, norms.
3. Effective implementation of management measures
The concrete mixing plant shall take measures to ensure the effective operation of the quality management system and evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the system on a regular basis and report the inappropriate documents to the QA Association in time for amendment. Mixing station staff must give top priority to quality. Individuals and groups that award rewards for quality achievements are to be punished for groups and individuals who neglect product quality, neglect their duties, and have serious repercussions.

Another Important Milestone with the New Sales to France

concrete from camelwayOne of the well known French companies which is specialized in recyling of different materials such as roadway materials like rubble, asphalt and used concrete through various construction works chose Camelway as its partner in its new ready mix business.

As a result of the expansion of the ongoing projects of the client, our client decided to enter the ready-mix business.

In this concept, Camelway has put into operation Compact Concrete Batching plant Camelway HZS90 QUICK MASTER in Paris.

The plant is equipped with 2250/1500 l. Camelway Twinshaft mixer and is able to produce 1.5 m³ of vibrated concrete in every batch and reaches 75 m³/h production capacity. Moreover it is equipped with 4×20 m³ inline aggregate storage bins and 2 units 75 tons cement silo.

The French client expressed that “After visiting your factories, I am glad to meet such highest production technology and innovative approach, and I am sure that we will guarantee the highest quality concrete production.”

One more time Camelway confirmed its quality and technology by supplying a Concrete Batching Plant to France which is the world’s industrial giant country.

Camelway was in CTT Expo in Moscow, Russia

In the Russian market for 15 years, Camelway has achieved very good results, has broken the national record: the country has installed nearly 1,000 concrete mixing plant should be noted that the camel company is the only successful installation of concrete mixing plant supply , Accounting for 35% of all foreign concrete plant suppliers in Russia.

Once again, camels participate in CTT exhibitions every year in Moscow, representing important events in the Russian construction market. Camelway exhibited two of the most popular concrete mixing stations. The Camelway-HZS35 Fast Large Compact Concrete Mixing Station is the Camelway-HZS60 Fast Host with a transfer belt to the 1000th Camelway Concrete Mixing Station to Russia. It should be noted that camel road is the only one exhibiting exhibitors in the exhibition of two concrete plant concrete plant suppliers.

We would like to thank you for visiting all of our guests at CTT. We are honored to be the leading and best-selling concrete mixing plant in Russia and to thank all our customers for their trust in the quality and reliability of our equipment.

Introduction of the main characteristics of concrete mixing plant

Concrete is the main material of today’s construction, the use of this material for us to help the role is relatively large. In life we ​​often use concrete to the concrete mixing station when processing and mixing concrete. For this device, I believe we are in life there is a certain understanding, then the characteristics of this device have what?

The concrete mixing station is mainly divided into four parts: gravel feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage. The whole body is made of steel structure. The high quality H-shaped steel is not only beautiful in appearance but also strengthened The concrete structure of the concrete mixing station strength, equipment, convenient installation, can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure.
Good mixing performance, the device uses a spiral double horizontal shaft forced mixing host, not only the mixer is strong, for dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete can achieve a good mix of mixing effect. And stir evenly, high efficiency.
The concrete mixing plant not only has excellent mixing host, but also has a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyors, metering sensors, pneumatic components, etc., these components to ensure that the concrete mixing plant in the operation of a high degree of reliability, accurate measurement skills and Long service life. At the same time, the concrete mixing plant maintenance stations are equipped with station or check ladder, mixing station, and has enough space to control, stirring the host can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, with a function of oil and over-temperature automatic alarm function, service.

Concrete mixing station is composed of mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system composed of five major systems and other ancillary facilities of the building materials manufacturing equipment, the main principle of its work is cement cementing materials, Sand, lime, cinder and other raw materials for mixing, and finally made into concrete, mixing station, as the wall material into the construction and production. Since the concrete mixing plant has been put into use, it has played an important role in the construction and construction industry of our country. Of course, this is also determined by the superior characteristics of the concrete mixing plant itself.

Good environmental protection function, in the process of running the machine, powder handling are carried out in the full block system, the use of high efficiency dust collector / spray spray and other methods greatly reduce the dust on the environment pollution, while the concrete mixing station on the pneumatic system Exhaust and discharge equipment are used muffler device to effectively reduce the noise pollution.

Operation of concrete mixing station operation table

Concrete mixer station before starting to check the following eight aspects: limit switch is normal, there is no alarm on the computer running interface; concrete mixer began to ramp, flat belt; start mixing console; start mixing station source air pressure Machine pressure 0.7MPa after the pressure to meet the surrounding; please disable the automatic production of concrete switches, “prohibited specific” documents;

Concrete mixing station control system manually “switch to” automatic “; then open the emergency stop button switch, concrete mixing plant and then through the manual console power supply, PLC and instrument power display normal, open UPS, open the computer to check.
The control station of the concrete mixing station is equipped with an emergency stop switch, the key switch is in the closed state, and the patch panel inside the console is in the OFF state, and the power switch on the main chassis in the absence of any load is turned off (in the case of a load , When the power switch off the cabinet may lead to collapse.
In the concrete mixing station control system self-test Note: mixed control system operation is not skilled, please strictly follow the following steps. Make sure the computer input signal is normal. Open the silo bottom plate valve, admixture, feed valve, pump and inlet valve aggregate storage silo full of material, clear the host, the middle of each object needs to be carefully checked.

Common troubleshooting and solutions for concrete mixing stations

Concrete Mixing Station Troubleshooting:

First, the mixer main motor does not move
Symptom: Press the mixer on the console start button, the mixer does not start.
Analysis of the reasons:

  • 1, air compressor is not activated or gas supply system pressure is not reached
  • 2, stirring the host maintenance protection switch and the host with a key tight stop switch is not connected.
  • 3, the console on the tight stop switch is not reset.
  • 4, the host power switch is not connected.
  • 5, the host stop signal must be reset.


  • 1, check the compressed air detection signal (greater than 0.4MPa pressure signal) is sent to the PLC, that is, I8.0 whether there is signal. If I8.0 no signal, then check the air compressor pressure is greater than 0.4MPa, when the pressure reaches 0.4MPa or more, I8.0 no signal, then check the electrical contact pressure gauge adjustment is normal or damaged until I8.0 signal.
  • 2, check the mixing console maintenance switch switch signal is sent to the PLC
  • 3, check the console on the tight stop switch is reset,
  • 4, check the host power switch is connected.
  • 5, check the host to stop the button is reset

Second, in the automatic production process, the ingredients station said good after the material unloading
Symptom: In the automatic production process, one or more aggregate said in the measurement bucket, do not discharge, the system stops running.
Analysis of reasons:

  • 1, to be hopper door is not in place.
  • 2, weighing instrument does not discharge the output signal.
  • 3, the belt machine is not started.
  • 4, aggregate said fine door is not in place.
  • 5, aggregate must define the discharge order.


  • 1, check the hopper to be bucket valve is not in place or close the door, close the door, I6.7 signal.
  • 2, check the aggregate weighing instrument is unloading output signal, stone 1 discharge I0.4, stone 2 unloading I0.7, sand 1 unloading I1.5, sand 2 unloading I1.2.
  • 3, check the belt machine is started.
  • 4, check the aggregate of the fine door is closed in place, stone 1 fine closed door I8.2, stone 2 fine closed door I8.3, sand 1 fine closed door I8.5, sand 2 fine closed door I8.4.

Third, the oblique belt is not moving
Symptom: After the mixer is started normally, press the beveled belt start button on the console, and the oblique belt does not start.
Analysis of the reasons:

  • 1, the mixer did not start.
  • 2, oblique belt maintenance stop switch is not reset.
  • 3, oblique belt machine power switch is not connected.
  • 4, oblique belt machine stop button switch is not reset.

Reason and Corresponding Solution of Gas Supply Fault in Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station gas source failure and solution:
(1) air compressor failure are: check valve damage, piston ring wear serious, damage to the inlet valve and air filter blockage.
To determine whether the reversing valve is damaged, only in the air compressor automatically shut down ten seconds later, turn off the power, hand wheel to move a large tape pulley, if more easily turn a week, then check the valve is not damaged ; In addition, the anti-valve has been damaged; In addition, can also be from the automatic pressure switch below the exhaust port to determine the situation, usually in the air compressor automatically shut down after about ten seconds to stop the exhaust, If the exhaust has been stopped until the air compressor starts again, it means that the check valve has been damaged and must be replaced.

When the pressure of the air compressor is slow and accompanied by the phenomenon of oil, indicating that the air compressor piston ring has been seriously worn, should be replaced.
When the intake valve is damaged or the air filter is clogged, the pressure on the air compressor will also rise slowly (but there is no oiling). Check, the palm of your hand can be placed on the air filter inlet, if there is hot air to the top, then the inlet valve has been damaged, to be replaced; if the suction is small, the air filter is generally dirty, The filter should be cleaned or replaced.

(2) failure of the valve are: the pressure is not high, or the pressure rise slowly. Pressure is not high, often due to pressure spring breakage or diaphragm caused by the rupture, must be renewed; pressure rise slowly, generally caused by the filter was blocked, should be removed cleaning.

(3) pipeline failure are: pipe joints leak, hose rupture, condensate accumulation and so on.
Pipe joints leak and hose rupture from the sound up to determine the location of the leak, should be promptly repaired or replaced; if the pipeline is condensed with condensate, it should be drained in time, is characterized in the winter of winter condensate easy to knot Ice and block the air.
(4) Compression air handling components (triple body) failure: oil and water separator failure, pressure regulator and oil mist failure.
Oil and water separator failure is divided into, filter blockage, damage, the movement of moving parts of the valve is not flexible and so on. Work to always clean the filter, remove the oil and impurities in the sewage.