What will affect the concrete batch plant price?

When we want to buy concrete batching plant, the price is the first factor we are concerned, when the equipment quality brand and after-sales conditions are almost the same, the price level often determines the user’s choice. Here according to the actual situation, we will talk about what factors will affect the price of concrete batch plant for sale.


1. the demand of the market.
If the demand is large, the supply is small, so the concrete batching plant is in short supply, the price of concrete batching plant will be relatively higher.
2: the brand effect.
If it is a well-known manufacturers, equipment quality is guaranteed, the price will be relatively higher, the equipment price is 30% higher than the industry.
3: the price of steel.
Concrete batching plant main structure use steel materials generally, so the price of steel directly affect the price of concrete batching plant.
4: technical performance.

The capacity and the quality of the stirring will also have an impact on the price. Therefore, for the concrete batching plant with high performance, low energy consumption and technical design process, the price will be slightly more expensive than the general, but the income level is high.
5: manufacturers after-sales service perfection.
No matter what kind of equipment with a long time use, there will be some problems more or less, if the aftermarket is perfect, the equipment prices will be higher, because these costs will be counted. If there is no after-sales service, then the price is certainly much lower.

Need to tell you that the customer should be fully considered in the purchase of concrete batch plant for sale, the price level is only on the one hand, the equipment life is another hand, we must consider from a variety of factors, so as to buy the perfect concrete mixing plant equipment.

Camelway Concrete Batching Plants In South Africa

In April, 2008 Camelway has installed 1 unit Camelway HZS120 Fully Automatic Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and 1 unit big bag/bag cement feeding system successfully in South Africa which is one of the biggest economy in Africa.
Camelway has succeed to transport such a big plant like Camelway HZS120 which has 4500/3000 l. Camelway Twinshaft Mixer, T-Type Weighing Conveyor and 2 units 100 tons cement silo by containers with the support of his experinced project and manufacturing team and his moduler products. Thus the transportation expenses are reduced seriously.
From NIGERIA to LIBYA, from DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO to ETHIOPIA, Camelway exports and installs his plants successfully in AFRICA and proudly represent our country.

Camelway was in CTT Expo in Moscow, Russia

In the Russian market for 15 years, Camelway has achieved very good results, has broken the national record: the country has installed nearly 1,000 concrete mixing plant should be noted that the camel company is the only successful installation of concrete mixing plant supply , Accounting for 35% of all foreign concrete plant suppliers in Russia.

Once again, camels participate in CTT exhibitions every year in Moscow, representing important events in the Russian construction market. Camelway exhibited two of the most popular concrete mixing stations. The Camelway-HZS35 Fast Large Compact Concrete Mixing Station is the Camelway-HZS60 Fast Host with a transfer belt to the 1000th Camelway Concrete Mixing Station to Russia. It should be noted that camel road is the only one exhibiting exhibitors in the exhibition of two concrete plant concrete plant suppliers.

We would like to thank you for visiting all of our guests at CTT. We are honored to be the leading and best-selling concrete mixing plant in Russia and to thank all our customers for their trust in the quality and reliability of our equipment.

Variety of concrete mixing stations

For the concrete mixing plant, its construction is a multi-consideration, applicable to a variety of uses, with a variety of different distinctions. Today, Xiaobian to come for everyone to briefly introduce the details of the concrete mixing station.

1. According to the purpose of the production of concrete products can be divided into engineering concrete mixing plant and commercial concrete mixing plant, the two categories have always been more common name. Concrete concrete mixing plant production of concrete products are mainly applied to a single project, the general production capacity is limited; commercial concrete mixing plant production of concrete products can be applied to different site needs, like the orderly flow of goods.concrete mixing station

2. According to the concrete mixing station work, it can be divided into semi-automatic concrete mixing station and automatic concrete mixing plant, the difference between these two types is mainly to control the system work. Generally semi-automatic for the production capacity of small, less production tasks of the mixing station used; fully automatic production capacity requirements for the use of high mixing station.

3. According to the structure of the concrete mixing station, it can be divided into mobile concrete mixing plant and fixed concrete mixing plant. In general, the construction site in the construction site of the concrete mixing plant is mostly mobile, and in a fixed area long-term production of commercial concrete mixing plant is a fixed concrete mixing plant.

4. According to the concrete mixing plant in the form of process layout, can be divided into single and double order two types. In general, the two-stage production efficiency is relatively low, the production speed is slow, while the single-stage relatively high production efficiency, production speed.

5. According to the concrete mixing station in the form of operation, can be divided into two types of periodic and continuous. The difference between the two is that the cycle is the feed system and the discharge system in accordance with a certain cycle of production cycle, while the continuous type of feed and discharge is carried out continuously.

6. According to the scale of concrete mixing station, generally divided into small concrete mixing plant, large and medium-sized concrete mixing station two categories. The difference between the two is mainly for the production efficiency, production capacity and production of concrete types.

What is the advantage of a concrete batching plant?

Commercial concrete is in the hot market stage, and commercial mixing plant is widely used for its reasonable design and many advantages. So what are the advantages of the commodity concrete mixing plant?

1, can improve the quality of construction projects. The business mix mixing raw materials with stable, advanced production technology, using computer control, accurate measurement, testing means complete, stable and reliable quality, rich high strength, thus greatly improving the construction quality level building (structure).
2, it can shorten the construction period and improve the construction speed. Construction units use commercial mixing station, the construction speed increases, reducing equipment, racks, pipes, templates and other turnover rental costs; owners of units can shorten the construction cycle, reduce investment risk.
3, can reduce material waste. Gravel, cement mixing at the scene waste amazing, on-site mixing generally gravel loss in 15-30%, cement loss of about 10%.
4, can save the amount of engineering. Due to the stable and reliable quality of the commercial mixing plant, the design unit can avoid the “fat beam”, “fat column” and “heavy plate” according to the design of the mixing station”. Design saving is the greatest economy.
5, can improve and improve the performance of concrete. The business mix mixing station using mineral active admixtures (slag and fly ash and admixture, etc.) can greatly improve the long-term performance of concrete waterproof, antifreeze, anti cracking and abrasion resistance, can improve the service life of a building.
6, can improve the construction organization, reduce labor intensity, reduce construction management costs, technical difficulty and quality risk.
7, protect and improve the environment. Using commercial mixing station can save construction land, reduce waste of resources, improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution.
8, can reduce the overall cost.
9, can improve the owners and construction enterprises image, enhance the level of urbanization.

How can I use a concrete batching plant with high efficiency?

The construction condition of the portable concrete batch plant is poor, the probability of the abnormal situation is larger if you never maintain the plant, the outcome concrete would be unqualified, the concrete mixing plant parts will be damaged. Thus, we can see how important the daily maintenance of mobile concrete batch plant is! It can increase the production with high efficiency,and find operation problem in time, that means you can reduce a lot of lost and gain a lot of benefit.

1, Make sure that the machine and the surrounding environment are clean.
2, Get rid of the product material residual inside the hopper in time, make the sensor back to zero normally.
3, Check the lubricating oil of every lubricating point, the oil mist detector of gas circuit system should maintain enough oil.
4, Check whether there is any overheating and abnormal noise on the motor and electric appliance. Check whether the instrument is normal, whether the signal system is in good condition.
5, Check and adjust the cylinder, solenoid valve and butterfly valve, make them open and closed up to the mustard.
6, Check the system frequently, if the system has the problem of ash, gas, oil and electricity leaking, you should handle this problem in a time.
7, The mixer and the hopper should be cleaned every four hours in order to avoid residual concrete consolidation and interfere the normal operation.
8, Each class should be put off the internal water of air compressor, air tank and filter, and eliminate the faults in the operation.
9, The maintenance of the butterfly valve, mixer, electromagnetic valve, air filter, oil mist device should be in accordance with the relevant specifications.

Introduction of the main characteristics of concrete mixing plant

Concrete is the main material of today’s construction, the use of this material for us to help the role is relatively large. In life we ​​often use concrete to the concrete mixing station when processing and mixing concrete. For this device, I believe we are in life there is a certain understanding, then the characteristics of this device have what?

The concrete mixing station is mainly divided into four parts: gravel feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage. The whole body is made of steel structure. The high quality H-shaped steel is not only beautiful in appearance but also strengthened The concrete structure of the concrete mixing station strength, equipment, convenient installation, can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure.
Good mixing performance, the device uses a spiral double horizontal shaft forced mixing host, not only the mixer is strong, for dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete can achieve a good mix of mixing effect. And stir evenly, high efficiency.
The concrete mixing plant not only has excellent mixing host, but also has a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyors, metering sensors, pneumatic components, etc., these components to ensure that the concrete mixing plant in the operation of a high degree of reliability, accurate measurement skills and Long service life. At the same time, the concrete mixing plant maintenance stations are equipped with station or check ladder, mixing station, and has enough space to control, stirring the host can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, with a function of oil and over-temperature automatic alarm function, service.

Concrete mixing station is composed of mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system composed of five major systems and other ancillary facilities of the building materials manufacturing equipment, the main principle of its work is cement cementing materials, Sand, lime, cinder and other raw materials for mixing, and finally made into concrete, mixing station, as the wall material into the construction and production. Since the concrete mixing plant has been put into use, it has played an important role in the construction and construction industry of our country. Of course, this is also determined by the superior characteristics of the concrete mixing plant itself.

Good environmental protection function, in the process of running the machine, powder handling are carried out in the full block system, the use of high efficiency dust collector / spray spray and other methods greatly reduce the dust on the environment pollution, while the concrete mixing station on the pneumatic system Exhaust and discharge equipment are used muffler device to effectively reduce the noise pollution.

Common troubleshooting and solutions for concrete mixing stations

Concrete Mixing Station Troubleshooting:

First, the mixer main motor does not move
Symptom: Press the mixer on the console start button, the mixer does not start.
Analysis of the reasons:

  • 1, air compressor is not activated or gas supply system pressure is not reached
  • 2, stirring the host maintenance protection switch and the host with a key tight stop switch is not connected.
  • 3, the console on the tight stop switch is not reset.
  • 4, the host power switch is not connected.
  • 5, the host stop signal must be reset.


  • 1, check the compressed air detection signal (greater than 0.4MPa pressure signal) is sent to the PLC, that is, I8.0 whether there is signal. If I8.0 no signal, then check the air compressor pressure is greater than 0.4MPa, when the pressure reaches 0.4MPa or more, I8.0 no signal, then check the electrical contact pressure gauge adjustment is normal or damaged until I8.0 signal.
  • 2, check the mixing console maintenance switch switch signal is sent to the PLC
  • 3, check the console on the tight stop switch is reset,
  • 4, check the host power switch is connected.
  • 5, check the host to stop the button is reset

Second, in the automatic production process, the ingredients station said good after the material unloading
Symptom: In the automatic production process, one or more aggregate said in the measurement bucket, do not discharge, the system stops running.
Analysis of reasons:

  • 1, to be hopper door is not in place.
  • 2, weighing instrument does not discharge the output signal.
  • 3, the belt machine is not started.
  • 4, aggregate said fine door is not in place.
  • 5, aggregate must define the discharge order.


  • 1, check the hopper to be bucket valve is not in place or close the door, close the door, I6.7 signal.
  • 2, check the aggregate weighing instrument is unloading output signal, stone 1 discharge I0.4, stone 2 unloading I0.7, sand 1 unloading I1.5, sand 2 unloading I1.2.
  • 3, check the belt machine is started.
  • 4, check the aggregate of the fine door is closed in place, stone 1 fine closed door I8.2, stone 2 fine closed door I8.3, sand 1 fine closed door I8.5, sand 2 fine closed door I8.4.

Third, the oblique belt is not moving
Symptom: After the mixer is started normally, press the beveled belt start button on the console, and the oblique belt does not start.
Analysis of the reasons:

  • 1, the mixer did not start.
  • 2, oblique belt maintenance stop switch is not reset.
  • 3, oblique belt machine power switch is not connected.
  • 4, oblique belt machine stop button switch is not reset.

Common faults in the operation of concrete mixing plants

There are many common problems in the concrete mixing station, if a lot of maintenance, it is easier to find some situation, such as: sometimes abnormal noise, sometimes unable to stir, today is to learn about some situation how to determine the source of damage.
During the routine inspection of the mixing station, the main working hours are done after the concrete stops stirring. After ten seconds stop mixing station, shut down the main power, then the rotating disc by hand under the belt pulley, try whether can easily make it turn a week, if you can, can that is responsible for the control of reversal valve is not destroyed, and it is proved that this place has been the need for repair, to invite relevant personnel to timely replacement.

In addition, it is possible to infer whether the reverse control valve of the concrete mixing plant is damaged or not by setting an air vent under the pressure button. Under normal circumstances, the main power switch off after ten seconds, should be less or no gas discharged from the exhaust gas, if there has been a wind blown out and until the next start until the end, it can be proved that the reverse valve is damaged.

Mixing station on the mixing unit

Concrete mixing station equipment is also with the social development and user needs continue to improve and improve, but for the concrete mixing plant equipment work is a more important work. Because the ingredients usually determine the quality of the project and other issues. So, concrete mixing plant equipment ingredients should pay attention to what matters?

Calibration of Batching Unit for Concrete Mixing Plant. In the course of the use of ingredients should pay attention to the calibration work. For the same batching machine, different specifications of the aggregate, different door opening has a different calibration coefficient. Therefore, in the replacement of aggregate specifications and adjust the gate opening, you must re-calibration corresponding to the batching machine calibration factor. Especially in the use of the beginning, should pay more attention to the calibration of the work of the machine.

Concrete mixing plant equipment batching units should always keep the batching machine in the aggregate specifications. Aggregate specifications of the aggregate will not only affect the fluctuations in the mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. Therefore, we should strictly strengthen the pile management, to prevent the occurrence of mixed; the same time, the loader hand to carefully operate to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.