How the summer concrete mixers are hot

Summer season, with the hot weather is also more and more in the concrete mixer in the construction need to do a good job of anti-high temperature work, so you can prevent the machine failure and good staff work heatstroke. Xiaobian and we share the following hot weather Production Precautions for Concrete Mixing Plant.

The first is the staff of the concrete mixer heatstroke work, reasonable arrangements for working time, reduce labor intensity, such as forklift drivers should pay attention to heatstroke work, try to avoid the highest temperature every day when the work, every time the need for drinking water, staff alternately. Avoid high temperature weather at noon. Try to shorten the working hours to bring the heatstroke drugs such as people Dan, cool oil, essential oil, etc. Implementation of each worker’s summer cooling items.If the emergence of heat stroke should be promptly treated, rest.

And then the venue of the heatstroke work, because the concrete mixer are generally working in the open air, so every hour to need to sprinkle the site to reduce the relative temperature of the entire environment.To stir the concrete required water should be guaranteed in the normal water temperature , So as to ensure the quality of the concrete produced. All the equipment to avoid the sun exposure, ground inspection of the electrical circuit, the need to refuel the place to refuel, look at the motor heat dissipation, to prevent the motor overheating caused the motor burned. Concrete mixer should be a period of time to stop for a while in the transport of concrete mixer should also be timely maintenance, as far as possible in the car in a cool and ventilated environment, check the tire, to the concrete tanker cooling.Construction of concrete mixing time should be timely refueling The

On the other hand have to do a good job of concrete mixing station fire work, hot weather hot weather, fire extinguishers should be checked and other fire equipment, concrete mixing station to do the emergency plan.

How to identify the quality of cement mixing station?

How to identify the quality of concrete mixing station cement is the key.
Cement quality is directly related to the quality of the building is extremely durable, but also the quality of mixing station control key links! But now the cement industry mess: clinker is not common, cement clinker content is much lower than the standard value is normal, “small cement” simply can not call the cement, can only be called powder abrasive. A serious lack of cement regulation! It is far from enough to test the strength, the setting time and the stability.
1, clinker: standard requirements, calcium silicate mineral is not less than 66%, calcium oxide and silica mass ratio of not less than 2.0. Can we have these indicators often qualified? The Often only strength test.
2, cement clinker content: the standard requirements, ordinary Portland cement clinker + gypsum content should be greater than or equal to 80%, and less than 95%. But now, even the large cement plant clinker content is generally only 65% ​​-70%, not to mention the surrounding small cement plant around the capital (in fact, can only call the grinding station, do not know how to obtain the name of the cement plant) , By understanding, generally small cement clinker content is only about 50%. Small cement can not be called cement, at best, can be called a mixture!
3, the detection means: cement supervision and management by the Technical Supervision, sampling once a year, simply can not restrain the production of cement plant! National inspection standards of the project only strength, condensation time and stability, coupled with some chemical indicators, is far from enough! Do little hands and feet of small cement is easy to meet these indicators!
We should be strictly clinker detection, in the acceptance of cement should increase the clinker content detection, should not only detect strength, setting time and stability, of course, magnesium oxide, sulfur trioxide and other chemical indicators can not be less!

How to install a new screw conveyor

When installing a screw conveyor, follow the correct installation method. This article will detail the correct installation of the screw conveyor parts of the method.

(1) First, according to the location of the device line, the measured release of the screw conveyor slot “ten” word line, and then the center position, check the chassis bracket base bolt hole (or embedded bolt) position, to confirm the error to meet the installation After the request (including the horizontal size, vertical size, diagonal size, embedded bolt size and length), the next step.

② Install the machine slot. The screw conveyor slot is a segmented structure with a flange connected between segments. When installing the machine slot, the machine slot bracket can be temporarily fixed with the embedded bolt or embedded steel plate, the machine slot integrated, the overall leveling, after correction, with embedded bolts or embedded steel plate fixed. To ensure the straightness of the total length, the tank flange can be adjusted with the appropriate rubber pad or other material. After installation, adjacent flange flange surface should be connected to flat, close, the chassis surface misalignment deviation of not more than 1.4mm.

③Installation of the first, the end of the bearing, the middle bearing and spiral drum. First, the end bearing seat and the body for the separate structure, the first, the end bearing and the middle bearing seat to be temporary fixed, to be installed to find the spiral drum, find, and then fixed bearing. When the screw shaft is disconnected from the middle, it is necessary to ensure that the centerline of the screw shaft is exactly the same after the installation is completed. The screw bearing of the screw machine should be reliably fixed on the hanger of the case. After connecting with the adjacent screw, the screw rotation should be evenly installed. The installation can be used to adjust the gasket between the hanging bearing bearing and the casing lug. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the two screw shaft parallelism error of not more than 0.5 / 1000, total length error of not more than 3mm.

④Installation of transmission rack and reducer, motor. First, to find a good spiral axis centerline as a benchmark, check the drive device frame of the base bolt layout position, height, and then install the drive rack, and horn with leveling, find, and finally fixed with the base bolt. In this process, we must pay attention to the height of the drive rack center should be slightly lower than the central axis of the screw shaft center height of 1 ~ 2mm, to the installation of the reducer to adjust the margin. After installation of the reducer output shaft and the screw shaft centerline must be strictly correct and consistent, the coupling of the gap and coaxial degree of deviation should meet the relevant requirements.

⑤ Equipment cleaning and oiling. Rolling bearings, reducer and other equipment for cleaning, after the equipment for oiling.

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Armadamix purchase HZS90 Automatic Concrete Batching Plant from Jasa Suppliers

Features of belt conveyor concrete batching plant

Ready mix concrete plants are used to produce concrete which is pre-mixed at a batching factory or ready mixed concrete plant. In general, ready mix concrete batching plant for sale is basically composed by the mixing host, material weighting system, conveying system, material storage system and control system. The concrete is produced by a concrete ready mix plant with a set recipe, and it is afterward delivered to the work site or workplace. Ready mix concrete plant can produce varieties of special ratios of concrete mixtures, and ready mix concrete batching plant can totally ensure the production quality of concrete. Combining our domestic costruction situation, we designed the belt conveyor concrete batching plant. It adopts the world popular quick installation modular structure, efficient imported concrete mixer, computerized controlled system and environment friendly design. this series of concrete batching plant is mainly used for porjects like bridge, water conservancy, airport, dock and premixed concrete product factories where large quantity of concrete is needed.
hzs90 batching plant
Features and Advantages:
1. The ready mix concrete batching plant cost of our company is very reasonable, which can ensure quality and save costs.
2. The mixing blades of ready mix concrete mixing plant adopt high wear-resistant materials, which can prolong the service life of the whole equipment.
3. Our readymix concrete plant for sale has compact structure, advanced design, good performance and high productivity.
4. Changli ready mix concrete batch plant can shorten construction period and maximum your benefits.

Aggregates batcher

1. The batcher,with 3-5 aggregate hoppers,can be designed as per customer’s requirements. There are independent weighing hoppers and belt conveyor under the aggregate hoppers that could be designed as steel structure type, underground and half-underground types. the aggregates can be fed into the aggregate hoppers by wheel loader or belt conveyor;
2. The hopper discharging gates and discharging speed are controlled by computer via cylinder.After weighing, the aggregates will be conveyed to the transitional hopper above the mixer.
3. Each of the aggregate is weighed individually, the weighing accuracy is guaranteed. The accuracy of aggregate proportional ratio is realized through computer controlled system which automatically add the aggregates if there is a shortage of them, it also warns us if the aggregates are overweight.

Aggregate conveyor

1. The weighed aggregates are conveyed into the transitional hopper by belt conveyor. We can use trough belt conveyor to save place.
2. The closed aggregates belt conveyor are designed to protect the machine and enable the plant to work under all-weather condition.

Mixing tower
1. Modern modular structure designed mixing tower. All parts of the mixing tower are connected by bolt and nuts structure. it is easy and fast to install and dismantle the whole plant.
2. It is equipped with maintenance and repair platforms and stairs.
3. Closed structure design, closed aggregate belt conveyor and external 360 degree lighting enable the all-weather operation.

Water and liquid weighing

1. Water weighing and supplying are controlled by precise weighing sensor,pneumatic butterfly valves and spherical valves, which guarantee the weighing accuracy;
2. The pressurized water by water pump can spray out and mix with the materials rapidly in the mixer, it can also wash the mixer thoroughly at the same time;
3. The liquid additive weighing system, with weighing sensor has unique leakage-proof device. the liquid additive is mixed with water and sprayed out in the mixer;

Cement and fly ash weighing and conveying
1. Cement and fly ash are stored in cement silos, conveyed to transitional hopper by screw conveyor,weighed by high-precision weighing sensor,controlled by computer.
2. The weighing hopper will discharge the cement and fly ash into the mixer by opening the pneumatic butterfly valve, when the weight reaches the set perimeter and the computer will stop the screw conveyor.

Control system
1. Automatic and manual control are available;
2. Dynamic display of the production process and monitoring in real time;
3. Saving the data of production parameters in the computer, printing of the daily, monthly and yearly statistic reports of production.
4. Weighing accuracy:automatically re-feeding if there is a shortage of aggregate and warning if the aggregates are overweight.
conrete plant
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