What should be paid attention to in the use of concrete mixing station?

Buying equipment is very important for customers, but how to use it after purchase, and what situations should be paid attention to? What should we pay attention to in the detailed explanation of the use of concrete mixing station by Camleway Machinery?

1. the mixing in the mixing drum for the mixer should be in the case of the machine running.
The blender should not be started under the load of the machine, and it should not be stopped suddenly in the middle of the stirring.
In the preparation of new materials with different proportions, the concrete inside the host should be cleaned up before it can be carried out.
2.The central control room staff must strictly execute the production instructions issued by the leader, always pay attention to the situation of the instrument index and other indication signals. Once a special case occurs, it should respond immediately, and it can be shut down directly when serious.
3.Before using the equipment, we should know the standard of all the values allowed by the equipment, and not to use the aggregate, voltage and load beyond the performance standard.
4.The equipment should run before the machine is opened every day to check the braking ability of each configuration and the normal operating system, and the normal operation can be started.
5.In the process of equipment operation, it is strictly prohibited for any person to extend the body, trunk, limbs and other parts into the machine working area. It is strictly prohibited to prohibit personnel from carrying out regional activities under the machine.
6.When the equipment is used, it should be cleaned and maintained in time, and the concrete mixer can be stirred with stone and clean water inside the mixer.

Concrete Mixer Cleaning Precautions

In order to normal use of concrete mixer and extend its service life, after using the mixer should pay attention to cleaning work, the following we look under the cleaning concrete mixer Note:

camelway js1500

  • First, regular maintenance procedures for the maintenance of the project, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
  • Second, the concrete mixer before the first check the controller is good, after stopping the water and stones into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator is required to enter the mixing cylinder to clean, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse, and to lock the switch box.
  • Thirdly, it is forbidden to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel with a sledgehammer, which can only be removed with a chisel.
  • Fourth, in the cold season, after the completion of the application of water cleaning concrete mixer drum and water pumps, water tanks, water pipes within the net put, so as not to water pumps, water tanks, water pipes and other frozen.

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Debugging Method of Concrete Mixer in Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixer is the cement, aggregate and water mixed and mixed into a concrete mixture of mechanical and concrete mixer debugging problems in the use of concrete mixing plant is very critical in the process, a direct impact on the concrete mixing plant equipment can No normal operation. Concrete mixing plant is widely used in commercial concrete mixing, pipe piles, components, hydraulic, marine and other concrete concentration mixing sites, and according to different process requirements and the actual needs of the design and manufacture, so that each (sets) equipment with distinctive professional quality.

Debugging Problem of Concrete Mixer.
1, the concrete mixer of the various settings to be reasonable. Power supply voltage: the additional voltage of 380 volts, the error is ± 10%; motor and electrical components of the wiring can be reliable, the distribution box shell must be firmly grounded. Power supply zero line is necessary to be delivered to the distribution box on the wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent the operation crushed into the formation of trouble.

2, regular inspection items. Regular inspection of the concrete mixer of the gearbox and the smooth parts of the smooth oil can be sufficient; to regularly check the forced mixer mixer mixing motor, two axle rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of signs, such as the direction of the wrong, should change the power wiring
3, launched discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start the pump hanging water, the water supply system should work; according to the required concrete ratio to determine the amount of water supply, and conditioning the moment relay to the corresponding water supply time. Start mixing motor work.
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Reason and Corresponding Solution of Gas Supply Fault in Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station gas source failure and solution:
(1) air compressor failure are: check valve damage, piston ring wear serious, damage to the inlet valve and air filter blockage.
To determine whether the reversing valve is damaged, only in the air compressor automatically shut down ten seconds later, turn off the power, hand wheel to move a large tape pulley, if more easily turn a week, then check the valve is not damaged ; In addition, the anti-valve has been damaged; In addition, can also be from the automatic pressure switch below the exhaust port to determine the situation, usually in the air compressor automatically shut down after about ten seconds to stop the exhaust, If the exhaust has been stopped until the air compressor starts again, it means that the check valve has been damaged and must be replaced.

When the pressure of the air compressor is slow and accompanied by the phenomenon of oil, indicating that the air compressor piston ring has been seriously worn, should be replaced.
When the intake valve is damaged or the air filter is clogged, the pressure on the air compressor will also rise slowly (but there is no oiling). Check, the palm of your hand can be placed on the air filter inlet, if there is hot air to the top, then the inlet valve has been damaged, to be replaced; if the suction is small, the air filter is generally dirty, The filter should be cleaned or replaced.

(2) failure of the valve are: the pressure is not high, or the pressure rise slowly. Pressure is not high, often due to pressure spring breakage or diaphragm caused by the rupture, must be renewed; pressure rise slowly, generally caused by the filter was blocked, should be removed cleaning.

(3) pipeline failure are: pipe joints leak, hose rupture, condensate accumulation and so on.
Pipe joints leak and hose rupture from the sound up to determine the location of the leak, should be promptly repaired or replaced; if the pipeline is condensed with condensate, it should be drained in time, is characterized in the winter of winter condensate easy to knot Ice and block the air.
(4) Compression air handling components (triple body) failure: oil and water separator failure, pressure regulator and oil mist failure.
Oil and water separator failure is divided into, filter blockage, damage, the movement of moving parts of the valve is not flexible and so on. Work to always clean the filter, remove the oil and impurities in the sewage.

Installation of cement silos in concrete mixing stations

The concrete mixing station in the cement warehouse in the installation process precautions
(1) In the concrete mixing station, the ground bolts of the cement warehouse in the concrete mixing station are poured into the foundation pit. After adjusting the center line of the cement silo bracket and the centerline of the foundation, the above four flanges are adjusted on the same level (measurement method: the theodolite Or diameter 8-10 transparent plastic hose plus color water measurement method), you can choose the concrete pouring. Pre-pit pouring concrete grades should be higher than the base of concrete used in the winter construction, in order to shorten the duration, the use of concrete should be added early antifreeze. To be solidified concrete 5-7 days before the installation of cement warehouses, cement warehouse installation, the need for the use of theodolite on the cement body vertical measurement, the vertical degree of one thousandth of the height. To shorten the duration, the infrastructure can also be used to replace the anchor bolts with embedded parts to fix the cement bin or mixer.

(2) the installation of the mixing plant in the concrete mixing station: the mixer under the chassis of the appropriate appropriate pad, with the hinge will be connected with the host and the bridge, installed cement scale, water scale, additive scale, you can lift, measurement And adjust the host chassis, so that in a horizontal state, the center line of the legs and the center line after the center line can be filled with anchor bolts in the pit (or the base and the embedded parts of the welding).
(3) the installation of other parts of the concrete mixing plant: concrete mixing station in the host and the cement tank after the installation of the installation, you can install the screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubrication point filling oil and grease, to be empty Test, find the problem in time to solve the installation of parts of the machine, according to the requirements of the base map in place, a small batching machine placed in a solid foundation pier can be on the surface, large batching machine requirements pouring anchor bolts, the mechanical part of the installation of the end , Check all the lubrication points of various equipment with lubricating oil (winter in winter to be replaced for low temperature conditions of lubricating oil) or grease, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematic diagram of the wiring and the empty running test.

Concrete mixing station to stop the rotation how to solve?

What happens when the concrete mixing station stops turning? I’ll teach you.
1. The concrete mixer is overloaded to cause the stirring shaft to stop, just adjust the feed volume, discharge the excess material, reduce the stirring shaft rotation load can be.

2. Side leaves and the inner wall of the stuck material, the mixing shaft before the stop will often have sharp harsh friction sound, this happens, the need to immediately stop the inspection, manual removal of foreign body, re-adjust the concrete mixer mixing blade or side The gap between the leaf and the inner wall of the tank.
3. Concrete mixer motor drive belt is too loose, just after the adjustment of the concrete mixer motor drive belt tension can be.

Precautions for selection of concrete mixing plant

Recently there are many concrete mixing station cement silo to customers we sent to customer consultation, consultation and concern summarized can be summarized as: “we buy in cement silo of cement tank, how to identify or check the cement silo cement tank is good or bad, how can it be just perfect?
As we all know, most of the material in the cement silo is made of steel. Due to the use of environmental factors, cement silo often completely exposed in the air, rain and snow hit, easily suffer exposed to the weather, corrosion is inevitable, so be sure to check the anticorrosion cement silo is perfect, here, Xiaobian remind you, to check the work of anti-corrosion concrete mixer cement silo in the outer surface of the special, mainly to see the paint brush is in good condition, thickness and smoothness is qualified.
There is also a concrete mixing station must pay attention to factors, that is, cement silo dust removal equipment, this is an important aspect, because the cement warehouse if dust removal effect is not, it will cause certain losses. Then, we must first check whether the installation of dust removal is stable, in addition, the salvation depends on whether the filter core of the dust collector is qualified.

Debugging Method of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixing plant of any component of the working conditions will affect the overall situation, there are many customer inquiries on the JS mandatory concrete mixer debugging to pay attention to what matters today Xiaobian this issue for the majority of customers to do a friend to answer.
1, to see the gear box and the smooth parts of the smooth oil can be enough.
2, see the motor and electrical components of the wiring can be reliable, the distribution box shell must be a reliable grounding. Power supply zero line is necessary to be delivered to the distribution box on the wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent the operation crushed into the formation of trouble.
3, start mixing motor, two axle rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of signs, such as the direction of the wrong, should change the power wiring.
4, closed unloading door, and then participate in the necessary hopper mixture, hopper hopper. Hopper should work smoothly and can be free to stop the trajectory of the arbitrary position. If there is a slip appearance, should first be put into the pit bottom, and then adjust the brake motor on the big nut.
5, launched discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start the pump hanging water, water supply system should work properly.

How to choose a liquid mixer material

How to choose a liquid mixer material
Liquid mixer material generally have three kinds: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, these three kinds of materials on the anti-corrosion effect is different.
A. Carbon steel: For non-corrosive liquid agitation we can usually choose carbon steel as the material of the mixer, but the carbon steel is not corrosion-resistant, and easy to rust, so not suitable for high liquid mixing;
B.304 stainless steel: can be used for relatively weak corrosive weak acid, weak base, water, food industry, liquid mixing;
C.316 stainless steel: generally used for strong acid or a certain concentration (20 ~ 30%) of the liquid stirring

2. Used in the carbon steel surface to do the treatment (lined with plastic, plastic, rubber)
Cost factors: Customers’ choice of products usually takes into account cost factors, ie cost – effective. Although the stainless steel has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but because the price is more expensive than carbon steel, so the choice of carbon steel as a stirrer material and to anti-corrosion, the surface must do the appropriate anti-corrosion treatment, such as: plastic, spray,

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How the summer concrete mixers are hot

Summer season, with the hot weather is also more and more in the concrete mixer in the construction need to do a good job of anti-high temperature work, so you can prevent the machine failure and good staff work heatstroke. Xiaobian and we share the following hot weather Production Precautions for Concrete Mixing Plant.

The first is the staff of the concrete mixer heatstroke work, reasonable arrangements for working time, reduce labor intensity, such as forklift drivers should pay attention to heatstroke work, try to avoid the highest temperature every day when the work, every time the need for drinking water, staff alternately. Avoid high temperature weather at noon. Try to shorten the working hours to bring the heatstroke drugs such as people Dan, cool oil, essential oil, etc. Implementation of each worker’s summer cooling items.If the emergence of heat stroke should be promptly treated, rest.

And then the venue of the heatstroke work, because the concrete mixer are generally working in the open air, so every hour to need to sprinkle the site to reduce the relative temperature of the entire environment.To stir the concrete required water should be guaranteed in the normal water temperature , So as to ensure the quality of the concrete produced. All the equipment to avoid the sun exposure, ground inspection of the electrical circuit, the need to refuel the place to refuel, look at the motor heat dissipation, to prevent the motor overheating caused the motor burned. Concrete mixer should be a period of time to stop for a while in the transport of concrete mixer should also be timely maintenance, as far as possible in the car in a cool and ventilated environment, check the tire, to the concrete tanker cooling.Construction of concrete mixing time should be timely refueling The

On the other hand have to do a good job of concrete mixing station fire work, hot weather hot weather, fire extinguishers should be checked and other fire equipment, concrete mixing station to do the emergency plan.