Mixing station on the mixing unit

Concrete mixing station equipment is also with the social development and user needs continue to improve and improve, but for the concrete mixing plant equipment work is a more important work. Because the ingredients usually determine the quality of the project and other issues. So, concrete mixing plant equipment ingredients should pay attention to what matters?

Calibration of Batching Unit for Concrete Mixing Plant. In the course of the use of ingredients should pay attention to the calibration work. For the same batching machine, different specifications of the aggregate, different door opening has a different calibration coefficient. Therefore, in the replacement of aggregate specifications and adjust the gate opening, you must re-calibration corresponding to the batching machine calibration factor. Especially in the use of the beginning, should pay more attention to the calibration of the work of the machine.

Concrete mixing plant equipment batching units should always keep the batching machine in the aggregate specifications. Aggregate specifications of the aggregate will not only affect the fluctuations in the mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. Therefore, we should strictly strengthen the pile management, to prevent the occurrence of mixed; the same time, the loader hand to carefully operate to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.

Commercial concrete mixing station with highly reliable performance

1) Commercial concrete mixing plant Mixing blade adopts unique high chromium high manganese alloy wear-resistant material, shaft end bearing and sealing form adopts unique multi-seal, which greatly improves the reliability of the host.

2) often affected by the impact of vulnerable wear-resistant steel plate in the inside of the reinforcement.

3) ring belt junction curing adhesive, the service life than ordinary steel riveting increased by 3 times.

Concrete Mixing Station Cylinder Trouble Shooting

Concrete mixing station gas system failure occurred in the cylinder failure, what are the specific aspects?

(1) cylinder, external leakage, generally due to the installation of eccentric piston rod, lack of supply of lubricants, seals and seal ring wear or damage, the cylinder has impurities and piston rods caused by scars. Should be re-adjust the center of the piston rod position, need to regularly check the reliability of the oil mist, timely removal of impurities in the cylinder; piston rods on the scars should be new pieces.

(2) the cylinder output force is not enough and the action is not smooth, generally due to the piston or piston rod was stuck, poor lubrication, lack of gas supply, or cylinder condensate and impurities. Should adjust the center of the piston rod position; check the reliability of the operation of the oil mist; gas pipeline is blocked, should be promptly clear the cylinder condensate and impurities.

(3) poor cylinder cushioning effect, generally due to cushioning ring wear or adjust the screw damage, should replace the seal and adjust the screw.

(4) the piston rod and cylinder head is damaged, generally because the piston rod installation eccentricity or cushioning mechanism does not work, should promptly adjust the piston rod center position, if necessary, replace the buffer ring or adjust the screw.

Concrete Mixing Plant Work Precautions

Concrete Mixing Station Work Precautions The safe operation of the concrete mixing plant is the necessary condition for the concrete mixing plant. The concrete mixing station is the necessary condition for the concrete mixing plant. Station work notes are the following: 1, non-professional personnel to prohibit the operation, maintenance of the concrete mixing plant equipment. Operators should be due diligence, in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Mixing station in the construction process problems immediately stop, is prohibited equipment sick work, is strictly prohibited operators from work. 2, no one may arbitrarily change the electrical installation or control lines, shall not arbitrarily change the electrical settings and specifications. 3, site distribution and safety protection must comply with the country’s current power supply safety standards, standards. Electrical equipment in strict accordance with the provisions of zero or ground, to prevent the occurrence

Concrete mixing station to buy

In the purchase of concrete mixing plant, the user must choose a good product, such as improper selection, the user in addition to the unnecessary one-time high procurement costs, but also in the entire period of time to pay a heavy price, such as low efficiency High cost, high operating costs, poor product quality, and even equipment can not run properly. Similarly, different materials on the control of the requirements are also quite different.

In addition, attention is paid to the enlargement of equipment. Zoom involved in fluid mechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, dust, electrical appliances, control and other disciplines. In this regard, largely depends on the experience of industrialization, the physical properties of materials and understanding of the equipment. In the process of enlargement may occur in the phenomenon should be rational, objective prediction, and can put forward the appropriate program. The so-called research amplification effect, is to master the drying theory, drying technology at the same time, pay attention to the accumulation of practical experience, lessons learned.

What should be the degree of electrical requirements of a small concrete mixing plant?

Concrete mixing station in the work must ensure that the electrical system can keep up with the work flow, so the performance requirements of the electrical system is also very high, and what specific requirements, we will introduce.
1. small concrete mixing station sometimes need to work at night, so lighting is inevitable, of course is part of a lighting electrical control system, so the electric control system to ensure the flexible control of lighting. The performance of the electrical control system in the small concrete mixing plant can reach the above points, which shows that the performance is very good.
2. Electrical control system of the requirements to achieve convenient input and convenient operation, and can accurately adjust and modify various materials set value; electrical control system must have perfect self-locking and interlocking functions, to ensure accurate and reliable operation of the system, an electric control system for the fault must have common fault detection and alarm function;
3. electrical control system of mixing station in small concrete weighing system with zero output, can automatically go to tare, correction for single gap, called the single material to fill the buckle weighing function, can more effectively control the measurement accuracy, and a light alarm device;
4. small concrete mixing station in the production of the entire work process requirements for electrical control system can realize automatic control, which can achieve the small concrete mixing station production site management personnel do not need too much will be able to complete the entire process.

Precautions for concrete mixing plant

Work station note concrete mixing station the concrete mixing equipment (mixing station host, batching machine, powder silo, weighing system of concrete mixing station safe operation) is a necessary condition for normal concrete mixing station, station station work notice has the following main points:

1.concrete mixing, non professional personnel are prohibited from operating and the maintenance of concrete mixing equipment. Operators should fulfill their duties and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. The mixing station in the construction process problems immediately stop equipment prohibited sick work, prohibited operating personnel from work.

2 .no person shall alter the electric device or control circuit without changing the setting value and specifications of the electrical device.

3 . site distribution and safety protection shall comply with the current state regulations and standards for power supply safety. The use of electrical equipment strictly according to the provisions of zero or ground, in case of occurrence

How to use concrete mixer safely?

Concrete mixer is a large mechanical equipment, from the safety and efficiency aspects, must be in accordance with the provisions of the process of operation and production, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, affecting the production and cause staff risk. To this end, as a professional manufacturer of concrete industry, the machine to the majority of concrete mixing plant users to provide the following recommendations.
1. The installation of equipment. The stirrer should be installed on a solid ground to prevent dumping due to ground subsidence. Electric power driven mixer, power distribution equipment should be installed appropriate fuse and grounding device to ensure the safety of electrical systems.
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2. Before the operation. Should check the machine and brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope broken wire damage, the protective device is to check whether the clutch and the brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is broken, the protective device is Complete and reliable, and test run; such as stirring cylinder rotation smooth, not beating, do not run away, hopper up and down the door and flexible, hoop under the cam body is normal, can work; mechanical operation prohibited by hand or other objects Into the mixing tube to fiddle, cleaning and repair work.
3. Homework. In the operation of the mixer, do not let the gravel fall into the running part of the machine, to avoid the parts are jammed and damaged; after the hopper lifted, the hopper is prohibited or stopped, such as must be under the maintenance, should stop Cut off the power, and the hopper hanging with the insurance chain after the prospective. Feed hopper should be slowly put down, so as not to fall too fast, damaged parts or failure; before the material can not be no reason to stop, but can not start feeding, feeding capacity can not exceed the specified capacity. Before the hopper is not stopped, no feed; prohibited overload.
4. After work. After the mixing work, to clean the mixer in time to prevent concrete agglomeration. When cleaning, to prevent electrical equipment damp. Cleaning work must be carried out after the power to prevent electric shock; the operator must enter the mixing tank for cleaning or maintenance, should strictly control the power to prevent accidents; when the mixer full load operation suddenly power failure or failure, Apply the manpower to remove the contents of the mixing cartridge, and then check or repair; not allowed to start the mixer at full capacity, to prevent the start when the current is too large and damage the motor.
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Preparing work of the demolition of the concrete mixing plant

When the concrete mixing plant  users to complete this project, to do the next project, it is likely because of the distance from the need to move the entire mixing station in the past, this time first need to mix the concrete mixing plant mixing station, Build mixing station as complex, but also need to do a series of preparatory work, how to do this preparatory work? We will briefly introduce!
The removal of concrete mixing plant is also dangerous than the price, so the removal of the tools and all the safety tools should be done to improve the inspection, check the first step is to clean up the construction site, and then the mixer, batching machine, screw conveyor and Cement warehouses and other equipment inside the remaining clean material, clean up to pay attention to all the power, pay attention to safety; clean up all the connected air supply lines, water pipes are finishing; Finally, power, control The power supply and all the control wires are released.
After the cleaning described above, in the inventory of these devices to ensure that the equipment is complete and intact, the removal must be the presence of professional staff, the best in accordance with the first on the next, the first outside the way after the tear down!

Automatic mixing station with high-level for sale

Automatic mixing station with high-level, high-rise and the emergence of large span structure engineering, on the Great Wall, puts forward the higher requirements of high performance concrete.In addition, according to the site, materials and investment, the Great Wall heavy industry according to customer’s production requirements can provide VSI, PCLS mixer, HZS counterattack mixer, HZS hubei mixer and HZS cone mixer freedom of choice, based on providing customers with the best construction scheme.
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