How to produce high-quality concrete at low cost

The concrete mixing station is where various materials are mixed into the concrete. These materials include lime, sand, water, gravel, fly ash and cement.

The factory will be controlled by the operator, who uses the computer to enter the required dimensions of the concrete. After pressing the start button, various measurement data is input to the mixer. After that, the resulting mixture is released into the transport trunk and finally transported to the construction site.

How the concrete mixing plant works:

Four parts of a concrete mixing plant: Powder feeding, aggregate feeding, storage and transportation. The raw material is poured into a large container and then conveyed by a conveyor belt to a central mixer. Before the materials are delivered to the mixer, they will be weighed to maintain the consistency of the output. When the mixer’s control system is directly connected to the power supply, the system initialization will begin with the concrete slump, productivity, recipe number, and concrete grade. Each container is tested according to the weighing system.

The belt conveyor then begins to decompose and operate in order to convey the aggregate to the hopper. On the other hand, the cement tank and fly ash valve should be opened so that the mixture flows into the hopper. When the total weight of the material reaches a certain amount, the hopper door opens automatically. After the set time, the concrete mixer door opens and the concrete will flow into the concrete mixer truck.

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