Batching plant product detail installation

Before installing small concrete mixing plant, what should you pay attention to?
(1) Install each part of the cement silo one by one on the ground, lift the cement silo, and turn the side of the lower bin support to the powder batching system, fix the upper and lower bins, and finally fix the anchor bolts.
(2) Put the air compressor on the side of the finished product hopper, connect the outlet of the air compressor and the inlet of the air control box with the trachea, and connect the outlet of the air control box to the trachea of ​​the broken arch of the cement warehouse.

(3) Installation of pellet batching system On the basis of the lifting and pelleting batching system, connect the plugboard, connect the two sides of the heightened board and the plugboard, and then unfold the original aggregate conveyor. Connect the front and rear racks so that the drum motor is aligned with the center of the hood of the mixer and the anchor bolts are fastened.

(4) Installation of the finished product storage hopper The finished product storage hopper shall be lifted, the legs shall be erected, and the walking platform and ladder shall be connected with the finished material storage hopper.
(5). Lift the pump in place and connect the output hose.
(6) Installation of Screw Conveyor Lift the screw conveyor and connect the ball screw hinge of the screw conveyor to the discharge port of the cement silo, so that the discharge port is aligned with the feed port of the powder hopper, and then the conveyor and the cement silo are connected with the wire rope. Attach the lugs and finally secure the anchor bolts.
(7) Installation of cement silos Install components of the cement silo one by one on the ground, lift the cement silo, and turn the side of the lower silo body bracket toward the powder batching system, fix the upper and lower silo bodies, and finally fix the cement silo. Foot bolt
(8) Installation of finished product belt conveyor The finished product belt conveyor shall be unfolded from the bend, the rear frame shall be placed on the foundation, the front and rear frames shall be connected, and the front and rear legs shall be connected with the conveyor. The support is connected with the lifting lug on the frame, then the front of the conveyor is lifted, the front and rear legs and the diagonal braces are connected, and the anchor bolts of the front and rear legs are finally fastened.

Large concrete plant needs to know the problem in installation

Large commercial concrete mixing station after delivery to the user scene, then into concrete mixing plant equipment installation and debugging, the core stage, how to effectively guarantee the future installation of concrete mixing station low failure rate, and deal with small problems such factors, all need to users and large concrete mixing plant equipment understanding factory technical person

When debugging control system to reset the emergency button, closed electric power contained in the public, after connect on each branch circuit breaker, control circuit, power supply switches, control the power switch, observe the electrical system if there is any abnormal phenomenon, if have immediately check; Open the button of each motor and test run of the motor to correct, if not correct should immediately adjust; Start the pump concrete mixing station, after waiting for air pressure is achieved according to the button labeled start each pneumatic door, check whether the action is flexible; Zero and sensitivity for microcomputer; Check whether the switch of air compressor is normal, the barometer show whether it is right, adjust the pressure relief valve to standard scope; To test run of mixer, and see whether any ring, the parts whether can work normally; During the debugging of belt conveyor to operate, check whether the roller running in the process of operation, flexible to watch belt, does not have a swing, running deviation, edge grinding, skid, deformation, and so on and so forth; In the debug concrete batching machine must ingredients button, more to see if the precision of the flexible and can be configured, and then in the debug ingredients.