How to choose a high quality concrete mixing plant?

To engage in the concrete industry, if we want to get a good profit, we must first have a set of high performance and reliable concrete mixing plant equipment, and the premise of a good equipment is to choose the manufacturer. How should the customer choose?

  • 1. manufacturers’ Honor
    Customers need to investigate whether the manufacturers of concrete mixing plant have good credit, reputation, certain production strength and production scale.
  • 2. manufacturer customer group
    Customers need to inspect the customer group of the manufacturer of the concrete mixing station equipment to determine the manufacturer’s reputation.
  • 3. factory system
    Whether the manufacturer has the relevant installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, vulnerable parts and technical guidance and other aspects of the policy and system.
  • 4.After sale of  manufacturers
    Investigate whether the manufacturer has a perfect and satisfactory after-sales service, such as how the equipment should be solved during the operation, such as failure.


Selection and purchase of commonly used equipment in concrete mixing station

How to choose the main machine and the batching machine of the concrete mixing station has been told. Here we will talk about how to choose the appropriate equipment for the concrete mixing station.

1, selection of cement or powder supply equipment in concrete mixing station
As one of the important raw materials of concrete, cement plays a very important role. The choice of cement supply equipment should be carefully treated. At present, cement bunker is used as storehouse for storing cement in concrete mixing plant. Its purchase needs special attention. We need to choose cement storehouse with good sealing and strong wall thickness. At the same time, as the powder conveyer, the screw conveyer requires compact structure, small cross section area, good sealing, flexible process layout, easy dismantling, loading and moving.
2, water and additive weighing equipment
In concrete mixing plant, the requirement of water weighing bucket body is not too strict. As a rule, for the additive bucket body, if it is corrosive, it needs strong anti-corrosion performance of raw materials, and the choice of pump and siphon pump needs the general standard of the national standard. The purpose is to ensure its quality, if the selection of non – standard small factory products, equipment easy to damage, update maintenance is more troublesome.
3, selection of concrete transportation equipment
The transportation equipment of the concrete mixing station must be selected according to the terrain and the construction equipment of the construction site. It is often used to carry the tanker. Of course, if there are other requirements, it can be selected according to the situation.

What maintenance measures are in the concrete mixing station?

When the concrete mixing station is used for a period of time, there will be some normal wear and tear. If the user can maintain the equipment in the ordinary work, the operation of the mixing station will be more smooth and the life of the equipment will be greatly extended. Here are the following points to ensure the good operation of the concrete mixing station.

1. Check the parts of the concrete mixing station. In the normal application period of the mixing station, it is necessary to see the fixing and connection of the machine parts before each initiation. The moving parts should be sensitive and unobstructed.
2, check the amount of fuel in the concrete mixing station. The fuel tank in the fuel tank should be sufficient, and the accumulated and filtered fuel should be added when the fuel is missing.
3, registered concrete mixing station oil road. Open the oil valve on the pipeline, unscrew bleed screw injection pump and oil filter (by manual pump oil with hand pump), the air is discharged in oil, and see no leakage phenomenon.
4. Check the cooling water. When the water is short, it is necessary to compensate for the soft water and see if there is any leakage.
5. Check the oil of the concrete mixing station. Pull out the dipstick for oil storage. If the height of the oil surface is lower than the standard sign, if the height of the oil surface exceeds the specification mark, the factor of oil increase should be identified and processed.
6. Artificial lubrication of concrete mixing station. Add lubricating oil to the part of the demand for artificial refueling.
7, clean up the sundries in the concrete mixing station. Check the machines around and above the concrete mixing station, such as something or other sundries, and store them well.
8. Artificial rolling. In the mixing station that can roll the crankshaft with manpower, a number of rolls should be rolled before the start of the machine, so as to improve the lubrication conditions of the conflicting parts and reduce the starting resistance. When rolling the crankshaft, the oil control arrangement should be placed in the discontinuation of the oil supply position, for example, the pressure relief arrangement should be placed under the pressure relief position.

How to investigate concrete mixing plant manufacturer?

Concrete mixing plant is a complete set of large-scale production equipment, huge investment, high value. In the purchase of concrete mixing plant, customers choose to go to the factory in Metropolitan field trips, in order to be the most intuitive assessment of product quality. So, in the concrete mixing plant manufacturers to conduct an investigation, are focused on what aspects?
First, see the business qualification.
General customers visit, the company will display the relevant certification qualifications, which is both a business card, but also enhance the first step in mutual trust, customers come in good faith, hope is a certification of qualified business cooperation.
Second, see the scale.
If you can visit the factory, we can find that the large-scale manufacturer’s team size and talent reserve are very good, and the high level of the workshop is very easy to read out. Imagine, a set of equipment from high-tech production lines, high-quality professionals and enterprises solemn promise, then he can rest assured that the quality of use.
Third, see the product’s success stories.
Some enterprises will be their own sales, foreign trade work to the e-commerce platform or trading company, they will not have corporate qualifications, but there is proof of cooperation with the manufacturers, and will store a large number of success stories, through the case can examine the overall strength of the company , You can also see if they have similar needs, can learn from the relevant experience.
Fourth, see sales service.
If the manufacturer can provide pre-sales, sale, sale and after-sales service to ensure that customers must be out of their own team and products are extremely responsible. It is also precisely because the product has a high quality, based on the manufacturers can have such confidence for their own products. Those who try to escape after-sales service manufacturers, it is best not to choose.

What will affect the concrete batch plant price?

When we want to buy concrete batching plant, the price is the first factor we are concerned, when the equipment quality brand and after-sales conditions are almost the same, the price level often determines the user’s choice. Here according to the actual situation, we will talk about what factors will affect the price of concrete batch plant for sale.


1. the demand of the market.
If the demand is large, the supply is small, so the concrete batching plant is in short supply, the price of concrete batching plant will be relatively higher.
2: the brand effect.
If it is a well-known manufacturers, equipment quality is guaranteed, the price will be relatively higher, the equipment price is 30% higher than the industry.
3: the price of steel.
Concrete batching plant main structure use steel materials generally, so the price of steel directly affect the price of concrete batching plant.
4: technical performance.

The capacity and the quality of the stirring will also have an impact on the price. Therefore, for the concrete batching plant with high performance, low energy consumption and technical design process, the price will be slightly more expensive than the general, but the income level is high.
5: manufacturers after-sales service perfection.
No matter what kind of equipment with a long time use, there will be some problems more or less, if the aftermarket is perfect, the equipment prices will be higher, because these costs will be counted. If there is no after-sales service, then the price is certainly much lower.

Need to tell you that the customer should be fully considered in the purchase of concrete batch plant for sale, the price level is only on the one hand, the equipment life is another hand, we must consider from a variety of factors, so as to buy the perfect concrete mixing plant equipment.

How do I select a concrete batching plant?

As we all know, almost all the construction project need concrete as construction material, so concrete batching plant for producing concrete is need everywhere. Due to the difference project, there are many types of concrete batching plant to be chosen. Therefore, how to select the right concrete batching plant becomes a technical task for the project managers. For choosing concrete batching plant, there are some principle for pay attention to.

1, The performance label of construction concrete, so as to choose what kind of mixer host. Such as water conservancy project must chose twin shaft forced type concrete mixer. In addition, the concrete batching machine and cement silo should be selected according to the types of concrete materials.
2, The construction tasks and duration period, use of these two parameters to choose the size of the concrete batching plant. The transportation of finished concrete should also be considered in the selection. For example: direct pumping or vehicle delivery. The volume of the transport vehicle is also an important basis for deciding the type of mixing plant.
3, The construction quantity and construction period, when the site required one-time pouring concrete in large quantities, high quality requirements, and no concrete batching plant nearby, the best choice is two sets small batching plant, or choose a pair of double principal preparation.
4, When the site traffic is inconvenience, the maintenance staff need to spend a lot of time on entering and leaving site, the best choice is two smaller size of concrete plant, or to prepare enough spare parts, so as to ensure the smooth progress of construction.
5, The transport distance, when the construction site is dispersed, but the distance between the site is not too far, concrete mixer truck transport radius is not more than 30 minutes, dump truck delivery is not more than 10 minutes. It is better to adopt multiple concentration agitation to improve the utilization ratio of the mixing plant and the economic benefit of the construction.