Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

In the middle of last month, several Camelway mobile mixing plants were loaded and shipped to South Africa. At the delivery site, everything is in order, with the sales department reviewing the shipping list and the production department making final adjustments. In a quality inspection step, cargo workers assign a reasonable space for the equipment. Soon, this batch of mobile mixing plant will help in the construction of China and Africa projects.

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

The South African customers who bought the equipment have strict requirements on the equipment. Detailed research and investigation, based on the brand image of Camelway’s products and the good sales of equipment in foreign markets Camelway Machinery was pre-selected as a potential buyer. Camelway’s technical department and sales manager quickly adapted the product to the local environment and the customer’s needs. And recommend a mature and stable equipment configuration, to meet customer requirements while protecting product reliability, to achieve customer revenue maximization. Prior to shipment of the equipment, the customer’s representative made a complete evaluation of the equipment and its performance, which led the customer to choose Camelway Machinery. They also conducted a detailed inspection and were very impressed with the Camelway team and expressed their desire to continue to cooperate.
Camelway has invested heavily in research and development to adapt its equipment to the most diverse construction environments in the world. Camelway has made advances in technology, quality and market. This successful export to South Africa further proves that Camelway can provide complete sets of equipment for high-end users abroad – the power of solutions!

New Style Karoo Mobile ready mix Batch Plants for sale

We manufacture mobile ready mix batch plants, with the following specifications:

SABS approved weighting system.

Discharge capacity 24-30 ton per hour(dry)

5.5KW Electric motor / 10Hp Diesel Engine

Water pump, water flow meter, measuring in l liter increments

600-750mm conveyor belt. Weather cover over belt

Special features
 Specially designed water ring for efficient mixing time.
 Non bridging & free flow of material from hopper.
 Collapsible support legs & 2x plinths.
 Conveyor belt cleaning bar.
 Rear mounted & detachable chevron board with stop/tail lights, cable & plug.
 Safety guards to Mine Standard.
 600mm discharge rubber sleeve & clamp.
 Low maintenance.

Overall dimensions
 In travelling position:
o Total length = 14 100mm
o Track width = 2 260mm
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 050mm
 In operating position:
o Hopper height = 3 300mm (B)
o Height under discharge = 3 700mm (D)
o Hopper width = 3 000mm (C)
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 600mm
o Total length = 14 000mm (A)

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