Concrete Mixer Cleaning Precautions

In order to normal use of concrete mixer and extend its service life, after using the mixer should pay attention to cleaning work, the following we look under the cleaning concrete mixer Note:

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  • First, regular maintenance procedures for the maintenance of the project, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
  • Second, the concrete mixer before the first check the controller is good, after stopping the water and stones into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator is required to enter the mixing cylinder to clean, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse, and to lock the switch box.
  • Thirdly, it is forbidden to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel with a sledgehammer, which can only be removed with a chisel.
  • Fourth, in the cold season, after the completion of the application of water cleaning concrete mixer drum and water pumps, water tanks, water pipes within the net put, so as not to water pumps, water tanks, water pipes and other frozen.

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Installation of cement silos in concrete mixing stations

The concrete mixing station in the cement warehouse in the installation process precautions
(1) In the concrete mixing station, the ground bolts of the cement warehouse in the concrete mixing station are poured into the foundation pit. After adjusting the center line of the cement silo bracket and the centerline of the foundation, the above four flanges are adjusted on the same level (measurement method: the theodolite Or diameter 8-10 transparent plastic hose plus color water measurement method), you can choose the concrete pouring. Pre-pit pouring concrete grades should be higher than the base of concrete used in the winter construction, in order to shorten the duration, the use of concrete should be added early antifreeze. To be solidified concrete 5-7 days before the installation of cement warehouses, cement warehouse installation, the need for the use of theodolite on the cement body vertical measurement, the vertical degree of one thousandth of the height. To shorten the duration, the infrastructure can also be used to replace the anchor bolts with embedded parts to fix the cement bin or mixer.

(2) the installation of the mixing plant in the concrete mixing station: the mixer under the chassis of the appropriate appropriate pad, with the hinge will be connected with the host and the bridge, installed cement scale, water scale, additive scale, you can lift, measurement And adjust the host chassis, so that in a horizontal state, the center line of the legs and the center line after the center line can be filled with anchor bolts in the pit (or the base and the embedded parts of the welding).
(3) the installation of other parts of the concrete mixing plant: concrete mixing station in the host and the cement tank after the installation of the installation, you can install the screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubrication point filling oil and grease, to be empty Test, find the problem in time to solve the installation of parts of the machine, according to the requirements of the base map in place, a small batching machine placed in a solid foundation pier can be on the surface, large batching machine requirements pouring anchor bolts, the mechanical part of the installation of the end , Check all the lubrication points of various equipment with lubricating oil (winter in winter to be replaced for low temperature conditions of lubricating oil) or grease, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematic diagram of the wiring and the empty running test.

Concrete mixing station to stop the rotation how to solve?

What happens when the concrete mixing station stops turning? I’ll teach you.
1. The concrete mixer is overloaded to cause the stirring shaft to stop, just adjust the feed volume, discharge the excess material, reduce the stirring shaft rotation load can be.

2. Side leaves and the inner wall of the stuck material, the mixing shaft before the stop will often have sharp harsh friction sound, this happens, the need to immediately stop the inspection, manual removal of foreign body, re-adjust the concrete mixer mixing blade or side The gap between the leaf and the inner wall of the tank.
3. Concrete mixer motor drive belt is too loose, just after the adjustment of the concrete mixer motor drive belt tension can be.

Debugging Method of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixing plant of any component of the working conditions will affect the overall situation, there are many customer inquiries on the JS mandatory concrete mixer debugging to pay attention to what matters today Xiaobian this issue for the majority of customers to do a friend to answer.
1, to see the gear box and the smooth parts of the smooth oil can be enough.
2, see the motor and electrical components of the wiring can be reliable, the distribution box shell must be a reliable grounding. Power supply zero line is necessary to be delivered to the distribution box on the wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent the operation crushed into the formation of trouble.
3, start mixing motor, two axle rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of signs, such as the direction of the wrong, should change the power wiring.
4, closed unloading door, and then participate in the necessary hopper mixture, hopper hopper. Hopper should work smoothly and can be free to stop the trajectory of the arbitrary position. If there is a slip appearance, should first be put into the pit bottom, and then adjust the brake motor on the big nut.
5, launched discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start the pump hanging water, water supply system should work properly.

How to choose a liquid mixer material

How to choose a liquid mixer material
Liquid mixer material generally have three kinds: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, these three kinds of materials on the anti-corrosion effect is different.
A. Carbon steel: For non-corrosive liquid agitation we can usually choose carbon steel as the material of the mixer, but the carbon steel is not corrosion-resistant, and easy to rust, so not suitable for high liquid mixing;
B.304 stainless steel: can be used for relatively weak corrosive weak acid, weak base, water, food industry, liquid mixing;
C.316 stainless steel: generally used for strong acid or a certain concentration (20 ~ 30%) of the liquid stirring

2. Used in the carbon steel surface to do the treatment (lined with plastic, plastic, rubber)
Cost factors: Customers’ choice of products usually takes into account cost factors, ie cost – effective. Although the stainless steel has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but because the price is more expensive than carbon steel, so the choice of carbon steel as a stirrer material and to anti-corrosion, the surface must do the appropriate anti-corrosion treatment, such as: plastic, spray,

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Buy Fall type Forced concrete mixer making factory @ Indonesia

Concrete mixer according to its working principle is divided into the fall type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer. The fall type concrete mixer is a comparison of the old type concrete mixer machine by this way ascending material within stirring barrels to a certain height, then free falling to mix concrete. This concrete mixer is generally used in small construction site, and the production efficiency is worse than forced concrete mixer.
Forced mixer is the use of moving blade within the mixing drum, to force the material to move in different direction. Due to the different movement direction and speed of material particles, it produce shear slip and mutual penetration, diffusion between each other, thus it could make the material mixing evenly in a very short period of time. The mixing mechanism is called the shear mixing mechanism. Forced mixer is suitable for the mixing slump below 3cm of ordinary concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. Forced mixer is widely used on the market.
If you want to know more information about the concrete mixer or buy it, you can contact us. We will try our best to service for you.

2017 top concrete mixing plant construction machine manufacturer

Why consider our stationary concrete mixing plants? If you are having a large construction projects that requires the production of large volumes of concrete,camelway stationary concrete batching plants for sale are strongly recommended. It will help you produce a large amount of concrete in a very short time. On site construction projects has a high quantity demand of concrete, and if the HZS25-180 stationary concrete batching plant is not produced by professional concrete batching plant manufacturers, it can’t produce the required amount of concrete in time, investors will be unable to meet the construction deadline. Think of it this way, you have to hire hundreds of trucks to ferry the concrete from the batching plant to the construction site which is tens or hundreds of kilometers away. You will end up inflating the construction budget due to the transportation costs incurred in the conveying of the concrete. Nevertheless, with stationary concrete batching plants for sale, you will be able to reduce the transportation costs at most.
Founded in 1983. In 2000, the company passed ISO9001 Quality System certification. The company has won many other honorary titles, such as, top-ten private enterprise in Henan Province, quality trustworthy enterprise in Henan Province, well-known brand in the machinery manufacturing industry in Henan, top-ten science and technology enterprise in Henan Province, May 1st Labor Award Unit of Zhengzhou, national famous and excellent products enterprise in the construction machinery industry, national customer satisfaction enterprise in the construction machinery industry, and so on. “Miaoyan” products have won the honors of Henan famous brand products, and Henan well-known trademark for two consecutive terms. In January 2013, the company’s “Miaoyan” brand was named “China Famous Brand” by the SAIC.

How to locate concrete mixing plant and building price?

concrete mixing station
A concrete batching plant, also called concrete mixing plant, is important in most building projects as it is utilized to mix cement, water, sand, ash and aggregate produce a combination substance known as concrete. This substance is employed extensively in construction work sites.

When selecting a concrete batching plant for the construction project, it is important so that you can pick the appropriate manufacturer. The building industry features a very stiff competition, therefore, it’s not easy so that you can establish the best mixing plant company.

Searching for inside a Concrete Batching Plant manufacturer

There are several mixing plant producers obtainable in the construction industry today. Each will offer different services but you have to go with a manufacturer which fits your house project. Below are Suggestions to locate the proper concrete batching plant manufacturer.

Firstly, you must learn what are the concrete mixing system entails. It has 5 important systems that include control system, mixing machine, material storage system, material conveying system as well as the material weighing system.

Then determine your budget whether you want to lease or obtain a concrete batching plant. If you will have on going building projects, then you will have to get one but if it’s single-time event you’ll be able to the lease the concrete batch equipment. With this, create a list of numerous manufacturers who satisfy your construction requirements and use the next pointers to get the best.

After picking out your financial budget, the next phase is going through the features which the manufacturer has included in the plant picking the one which matches your project. Many manufacturers offer semi-automatic and automatic mixing plants. Be sure to carefully evaluate the features for the ready mixed concrete plant made by your selected company. They should be top quality and will be able to alleviate the batching process.
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Sri Lanka 1000 weight based concrete mixer suppliers

As it is known to us all, concrete mixer is an inseparable part of concrete batching plants, which has very good performance in concrete and aggregate mixing than traditional manual operation. Of course, there are many types of concrete mixers for sale available in the worldwide market.
JS1000 concrete mixer is often used to build roads, bridges, ports or other construction projects. It can work independently or in HZS50/60 concrete batching plant with PLD1600. Hydraulic discharging door greatly improves its productivity. High-resistant manganese steel alloys plates, blades & metal parts produced in metal-processing workshops make it high-quality.
When it comes to the most suitable concrete mixers for concrete mixing plants, users should take our JS series twin shaft concrete mixers and JN series planetary concrete mixers in the first place, which has better mixing quality, faster mixing speed and better mixing performance. In addition to that, we also offers other types of china concrete mixers for sale, such as self loading concrete mixer truck, mini concrete mixer, single shaft concrete mixer, manual concrete mixer machine, concrete drum mixers, hand operated concrete mixers for sale, pan concrete mixers for sale and so on.
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Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery also produces js500 mixer, js750mixer, js1000A mixer, js1000B mixer, js1500 mixer, js2000 mixer.If you are interested in our products or want to know more information, please leave your contact way, for example, name, nation, and your contact way (email, or phone number, whatsapp, skype, viber, wechat). We will give you a reply as soon as possible.

What is the difference between volume based and weight based concrete mixer?

based concrete mixer
The weight based concrete mixer series concrete mixer is twin-shaft compulsory mixer. Not only it can work independently, but also it can work with PLD series aggregate batcher to make a simple concrete plant or is adopted as the mixer in the high-end concrete batching plant. In addition, JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500A are researched and developed by ourselves; JS1500B, JS2000, JS3000 adopt Italy sicoma technology.
JS Concrete Mixer Features
Electric lubrication system
Hydraulic discharge system
Four-layer shaft sealing protection
Wearable mixing device
Two heavy duty gear box are specially customerized for the mixer. All of the shock brought by quick loading or restarting can be easily and safely buffered and absorbed.

The volume based based concrete mixer is also called reversible concrete mixer, which is a self-falling double conical mixer machine. The drum concrete mixer has a unique characteristic, positive turn for mixing and reverse turn for discharging automatically. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of concrete mixer, our company ensures cement drum mixer has good reliability and high quality. Until now, rotating drum mixers have been exported to many foreign countries and are welcomed by foreign customers.

Self-reversing concrete drum mixer includes JZM and JZC series concrete mixers. The drum of JZC concrete mixer is driven by gear, while JZM type is driven by friction wheel.

Applications of reversible drum type concrete mixer:

Concrete drum mixers can be apply to kinds of construction sites, bridge, road, small and medium concrete component factory. Meanwhile, the mixer can mix plastic concrete and low-slump concrete etc. It is really an ideal machine for small size construction projects.