Schwing stetter batching plant cp30 price in India

Schwing Stetter GmbH, headquartered in Memmingen, Upper Swabia, is a manufacturer of concrete mixers and concrete transport systems. With over 600 employees at the Memmingen site, Schwing Stetter is one of the largest employers in the city. In 1982, it was taken over by the company Schwing and integrated into the Group as an independent company.Stetter is currently the world’s largest producer of truck mixers.

China’s largest leader in the construction machinery industry, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (“XCMG“), has acquired the world’s leading concrete equipment leader Schweining Group Co., Ltd. (“Schwing Company”). The work is progressing smoothly. With the acquisition, XCMG will hold the company Schweing, and the core competitiveness and overall strength of the XCMG Group will also be greatly enhanced, thereby promoting the rapid development of XCMG’s concrete complete sets of equipment and building international brands of concrete equipment.

The CP30 concrete mixing plant from Stetter has now proven its abilities at more than 1500 locations in India as well in countless sites across the globe. 45 years of Stetter experience in the construction and production of Concrete Batching Plants has been 3 implemented in the newest development of the CP30. The concrete output is approximately 30m /h of 3 compacted concrete for a batch size of 0.5 m. The plant design fully meets the requirements as a mixing plant for ready-mix concrete or as a plant at the building site. Other areas of use include the precast factories and concrete product industries. Additionally, it is also used for mortar manufacturing. The plant is available with a turbo pan mixer or with a planetary pan mixer for precast concrete production.

A special characteristic of the CP plant series is the large active and passive reserve provided by the star design.This gives you a high level of independence from the scheduled delivery of aggregates. The CP30 is especially compact when used with a compartment batcher. There are advantages in regard to the space required as well as when transporting the plant to other locations.

The plant design fully meets the requirements as a mixing plant for ready-mix concrete or as a plant at the building site. Other areas of use include the precast factories and concrete product industries. Additionally, it is also used for mor tar manufacturing.


Schwing stetter ready mix concrete plant setup suggestion

First, the overall layout:

The construction site of the concrete mixing plant is large and the site is open. In the restricted-contracted section of the mountainous area where land is used, the construction of the concrete mixing plant is adapted to local conditions and the layout is reasonable.

Second, the warehouse

According to the project needs, the mixing plant sets a plurality of storage bins with the capacity to meet the requirements, and the material of different specifications is stacked in sections, and clearly identifies various material names, specifications, quantities, quality status and other information on the partition walls; The canopy is made of hard concrete cement concrete, with a horizontal drainage slope of not less than 4%. The drainage system inside the warehouse is perfect and the site is clean and tidy.

According to the need to set up a collection silo, and to be examined warehouse floor materials. Silo weather shelter under construction. Concrete partition wall thickness and height standards.

Third, the hopper

Mixer feed hoppers are equipped with enclosed weatherproof sheds (some feed hopper canopies are connected to the aggregate silos canopy) to prevent aggregates from being wetted by rain on the feed hoppers and to ensure the stability of aggregate moisture content; Set conspicuous aggregate specifications and aggregate bin numbers on the feed hoppers and weatherproof sheds to facilitate corresponding loading and prevent incorrect loading from affecting concrete quality. According to the width of the feed hopper, the method of narrowing the width of the hopper on the forklift is adopted to match the width of the feed hopper of the mixer to prevent stranding problems during loading of the forklift.

The feed hopper is connected to the silo canopy. Feed hopper enclosed rain canopy. The hopper mark is clear. Narrow the width of the hopper on the forklift to match the width of the hopper of the mixer.

Fourth, cement cooling measures

In order to solve the problem of the impact of high temperature and the impact on the quality of concrete at the time of cement mixing, some projects have mainly adopted the following practices:

(1) The concrete mixing plant is equipped with a mixing water cooling circulation system to reduce the temperature of the concrete exit.

(2) The water cooling system is set outside the cement storage tank, and water is poured on the outer wall of the tank regularly to achieve the purpose of reducing the cement temperature in the tank.

(3) Each mixing machine is equipped with 6 cement storage tanks, which are recycled and used to reduce the temperature of the cement by prolonging the storage time of the cement.

what is the price of ready mix concrete plant?

Each concrete batching plant equipment is customized according to the actual needs of users. The engineering concrete batching plant is based on the requirements of the project. Unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded. As long as the requirements of Party A can be met, concrete can be produced to meet the engineering requirements. Quality can be. The commercial concrete batching plant should be able to produce a variety of common marking concrete (as well as individual users with special requirements), and also need the appearance of the equipment to give people the impression that the batching plant has strength, the control system also needs to be fully automatic, and also needs to have storage. Functionality, in order to improve work efficiency and facilitate the query of daily records, which is necessary for management and financial reconciliation. Each more (or less) one configuration will cause a change in the price list of the concrete batching plant.

Even if it is the same type of concrete batching plant, due to different customer needs configuration, so the concrete batching plant price list can only publicize a price range. After fully communicating with the actual needs of the users, the accurate batching equipment price can be calculated.

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