The advantages of mobile crusher

1. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile crusher is that it can be moved, the combination is flexible, and its applicability is strong.
2. The second biggest advantage of the mobile crusher is that it can crush materials with high moisture content. There is no requirement for the moisture content of the material. Crushing of materials with relatively high viscosity will not clog, because the mobile crusher is designed No screen bottom and screen. It can also be produced normally on rainy days.
3. The mobile crusher uses upper and lower levels of crushing. After the material is crushed by the upper rotor, it enters the lower rotor and is crushed again. The material forms the effect of hammer powder and material powder in the cavity. Then discharged directly from the outlet. The particle size of the mobile crusher is also very uniform and can be controlled below 2mm (millimeters).
4. The mobile crusher adopts original gap adjustment technology. When the hammer is worn, the position of the hammer is adjusted to reduce the gap between the hammer and the liner. This will give you a satisfactory grain size.
5. The mobile crusher adopts hydraulic starter casing, one person can open the casing, and it is convenient and quick to repair or inspect parts.
6. The mobile crusher has changed the traditional method of oil filling in the grease nipple and changed it into a centralized oil filling method, which can realize oil filling without stopping the machine. To purchase a mobile crusher, please come to Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd. We can smash raw materials for each customer site.

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