The cause of cement warehouse working slowly

Cement silo during normal work, can appear sometimes cement mix slowly, these are caused by the following:

  • cement warehouse material harden and broken arch is bad.
  • two can’t work normally the 3-way magnet valve
  • cement silo manual valve does not open
  • spiral blade radial wear larger               cement batching plant

5) intermediate shaft displacement, shaft end with the adjacent helix contact wear damage

  • gas water separator, broken arch exhaust valve block
  • cement silo cement is lower than the lower limit position within
  • import and export of the cement in the cement silo weigher, host and cement scale between the breathing tube jam, cement silo at the top of the filter clogging

9) cement material.Cement silo have above problem will lead to slow discharging, be sure to check carefully.

Through the following method to solve: 1) adjusting the air pressure (2) inspect or replace solenoid valve (3) check the cement silo manual valve (4) to replace spiral blade 5) the use of more reasonable adjusting pad, make the distance between the two ends is 3 mm.

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