The cement silo maintenance work in summer

In the following is a summary of the cement silo maintenance work in summer:
Summer weather is hot, many users think cement silo should not be easy to rust or corrosion. But it is easy to rain in summer, the moisture content in the air is relatively high. Air moisture content is relatively high, steel is easy to water combined, it is easy to rust, easy to corrosion. How can we avoid this phenomenon? This phenomenon is inevitable, but some measures can be taken to reduce the harm of these phenomena to cement silo. Users should regularly check surface of cement silo, and if there is corrosion or rust place, users should maintain immediately and paint antiseptic paint. The rust removal and anti-corrosion methods are different, so users should take rust removal and anti-corrosion works as requirements.
As a professional c8concrete batching plant producer, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery can provide high-quality products and professional suggestions. the company will remind users that they should check the ground under the outriggers to avoid collapse of cement silo in rainy day.

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