The Characteristics of Concrete Batching Station

Concrete mixing station is made by mixing console, materials weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system of five systems and other building materials manufacturing equipment. The main principle of work is with cement as cementing material, mixing materials such as sandstone, limestone, coal cinder stirring, finally made into concrete,as the wall materials. Concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into sand feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture, transfer, mixing.

concrete mixing station.

The equipment is made of steel structure. The high quality h-beam appearance not only beautiful and easy, also strengthened the strength of the concrete mixing station, installation is convenient, so it can be applied to all kinds of complex terrain structure. Uniform mixing and high efficiency. The equipment adopts screw dual-axial mixing console. Having all kinds of accessories, such as screw conveyor, measuring sensors, pneumatic components, these components to ensure the reliability of the concrete mixing plant in the process of operation, accurate measuring skills and long service life. Concrete mixing station with good environmental protection function, in the process of machine, powder manipulation are conducted in the full block system. At the same time, discharging equipment and pneumatic system with muffler device effectively reduces the noise pollution.

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