The composition and explanation of HZS60 type concrete mixing station electrical control system

The electrical control system of HZS60 type concrete mixing plant often seen in engineering is composed of computer host, display, printer, communication cable, weighing instrument and so on.
1, operation and management are integrated, and operation is simple and convenient.
2, The burden system is centralized controlled by microcomputer.
3, HZS60 type concrete mixing station operation data can be saved for more than 10 years, easy to set up management.
4, the formula can be expressed by numbers, which is convenient for users to identify, and the number of recipes can reach dozens of species.
5, It has the function of error analysis and automatic detection.
6, in case of automatic control, the manual operation system can still control the mixing station, such as batching, mixing and unloading.
7, the electrical control system of the HZS60 type concrete mixing station is a single part of the electric control system, which is completely separated from the weak part, and improves the anti-interference ability of the weakness. It is also the simplification of the strong power part and the more convenient maintenance.

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