The Content of Cement Mixing Plant Equipment Maintenance

  1. Cleaning means each part of the cement mixing plant equipment maintain without grease, dirt, dust, especially check the engine air filter, fuel oil and oil filter timely, to prevent impurities from entering the cylinder, oil, to reduce sports wear and tear of spare parts.  hzs120
  2. Tighten means to check each parts.
  3. Adjustment is to many parts of the relative relations of cement mixing plant equipment and working parameters such as clearance, stroke, angles, pressure, flow, velocity, elastic inspection timely adjustment, in order to ensure the normal operation of the cement mixing plant equipment.Especially the flexible reliability of key components such as brakes, clutch, to adjust properly and prevent accidents.
  4. To replace lubricating oil regularly, in order to maintain good lubrication between the cement mixing plant equipment movement parts, reduce wear parts, and guarantee the cement mixing plant equipment normal operation.
  5. Corrosion protection.Corrosion protection is to do moisture, rust and acid proof, prevent the corrosion of equipment parts and electrical equipment.Especially the cement mixing plant equipment appearance must be paint or grease etc anticorrosive coatings.

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