The cost performance of js concrete mixer

First, since the fall mixer. Posted on the mixing of the material by mixing barrel wall blade to air, air, and then mentioned that cycle.Generally this way the stirring time is longer, the damage to the mixing material is also small.Generally small, since the fall mixer host capacity, common are 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 square, etc., the production efficiency is generally small, the biggest fall since the mixer productivity only 18-20 cubic meters per hour concrete.
Second, the forced mixer. Mix tube inside the rotor arm frame equipped with mixing vane, add mix the material inside the drum, under the strong agitation of mixing blades, form a cross logistics.Fell this way of mixing than mixing way function strong, mainly suitable for mixing dry concrete.A mixer with larger capacity and capacity of the class scope is bigger also, 500 l, 750 l, 1000 l, 1500 l, 2000 l, 3000 l, etc.Dual-axial mixing console is a blender at home and abroad market mainstream products, widely used, the production efficiency is higher, the highest production efficiency can be up to 240 cubic meters per hour concrete.
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Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. The company was found in 1983. In 2000, the company passed ISO9001 Quality System certification. The company has four factories,380,000m2,32 workshops,over thirty-three years concrete mixing machine produce experience.
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