The Difference Between Concrete Batching Plant and Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer and concrete mixing station belong to concrete mixing equipment, so their application fields are very similar. The user need to choose the equipment by their demands.


Concrete mixing plant is a set of equipment including: concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, the host control system, control room, cement silo, screw conveyor, weighing system, belt conveyor and master station. Concrete mixing station contains concrete mixer, but concrete mixing plant can produce different kinds of concrete and its production is bigger. However, concrete mixer can be used with batching machine and cement silo, also can be used alone.

The concrete with high efficiency in concrete batching plant, it can produce variety of concrete, and is generally more environmentally friendly. Large and medium-sized construction projects and sales businesses would choose concrete mixing station; for small construction project, more cost-effective concrete mixer will be the best choice.

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