The difference between hammer crusher and impact crusher

With the continuous development of the economy, various industries are also making progress. The development prospects of the building materials industry are also very impressive, and the demand for crusher equipment is also constantly developing. Our understanding of crushing machinery may not be much. In fact, there are many different types of crushing machinery for different materials. There are hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher and so on.

Hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing limestone, coal mine, salt, brick and tile. It has good uses in the construction of roads and railways, building houses and other industries.
1, The structure and operation are simple and the production efficiency is high. The hammer crusher is a low energy consumption and low cost equipment;
2, can adjust the gap according to the needs of the user, change the size and fineness of the material;
3, hammer crusher hammer easy to wear, Hammer Crusher hammer produced in Camelway full use of wear-resistant impact resistance of chromium alloy, high manganese steel, durable, long life;
4, can add water when the material is broken to reduce the damage of dust on the workers body

impact crushers are mainly suitable for ore crushing and are generally applicable to the construction of railways, aircraft factories and reservoirs, because these buildings generally have high requirements for the shape of stone. Counterattack crusher advantages:
1, The particle size of the product is uniform and easy to use. The material is cubed and the size can be adjusted.
2, small size, simple structure, high production efficiency;
3, with splitting and hammer breaking as the second process, stable operation, long service life.

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