The Difference Between the Concrete Mixing Floor and Mixing Station

  1. Differentproduction process

Assemblage unified production process make the operation more simple. For the concrete mixing floor, the freight form of aggregates and the powder is diverse and the capacity of the storage warehouse generally available for more than twenty minutes of continuous production.


  1. Different aggregate conveying process

The aggregate bin of mixing floor above the ground, aggregate after measuring directly into blender; but the bin of mixing station below the ground, aggregate measurement has been inclined belt conveyor after into the blender.

  1. The convenient degree of transfer is different

Concrete mixing station structure is easy to remove. Large volume concrete mixing floor only as a stationary mixing plant.

  1. Different production capacity

Mixing plant production capacity is small; Mixing floor has big volume and high productivity.Under the condition of the same model, mixing floor production efficiency than mixing plant production efficiency by a third.

  1. Different equipment
    Concrete mixing station is mainly composed of mixing console, materials weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other ancillary facilities.

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