The Difference of Engineering Concrete Mixing Station and Commercial Station

The follow is the different aspects between engineering concrete mixing station and commercial concrete mixing station. Generally speaking, concrete mixing station project is built around the construction site , and the first service to a project, equipped with a single, only to meet the production of concrete needed for this project. The station itself is mainly used to produce primary concrete for the project needs.concrete mixing station

For buyers of commercial concrete mixing station, they mainly use the station to produce concrete for selling. The station can satisfy customers’ different requirements. This kind of station is equipped with complete equipment.

Both of them still have a lot of different points in the production of concrete :
First, the type of admixtures, cement grade ,cement silo size and the number are not the same. Engineering admixtures and cement grade is less, the number of admixtures and cement silo is low.
Second, Engineering concrete with no external seal, simple structure; The commercial concrete with outer seal and large structure for nice and green.
Third, The quotation of commodity concrete mixing stations is relatively higher.

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