The Dry Mortar Mixer

The dry mortar mixer can mix various materials, like cement, lime, sand, powder and chemical additives. So you can also call the machine dry cement mixer or dry powder mixer. What is more, according to different size, or production, the mixer models are different. According to clients’ requirements, different materials, different capacities, we all can meet your needs.

cocrete mixer
Features of mortar mixers:
1.The whole mixing process is mild, make sure no material breaks.
2. Large discharging door makes the discharging speed quick, and no remains.
3. According to the properties of raw materials, the paddle can be adjusted and designed accordingly.
4. Compact structure, pleasing appearance, stable property, low noise and no environment pollution.
5. The mixer comprises transmission mechanism, horizontal cylinder, coulter and flying cutter.
6. It can used separately, and also can be combined with a production line.
7. Good after-sale service and long working life.
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