The electronic control systems of concrete mixing station manufacturer in china

The control system of concrete plant manufactured by Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd is automatic control system. The automatic control system is able to achieve precise and continuous control to all sections during the production process. Firstly, material warehouse automatically put the material onto the material balance according to the set proportioning.
control system
The system will automatically stop feeding materials through the collected materials by material balance. Similarly, when material balance feeing materials to the aggregate hopper, the material balance would be automatically stop feeding materials according to the collected material quantity. Make sure the accuracy of batching of two material feeding. At the same time, the system of concrete batching plant adopts online calculation and make proper real-time adjustment to the impulse size according to the actual situation, which further ensures the precision of batching materials. According to the actual material quantity and the setting material quantity, redundant materials will be left on the material balance to take part in the next round of concrete production. After all material feeding is completed, concrete batching plant users are able to start setting the mixing time and the trembler will inform users of the completion of production.electronic system
The control system of concrete plant manages the task of producing information. In addition, the control system of concrete batching plant also provides integrated query function, flexible data management function, which is able to well achieve and meet the requirements of automatic control system of concrete batching plant.
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