The Factor of Concrete Cracks

The factor of the surface of mass concrete cracks is various, may be a single factor or multiple factors. The hydration heat is one of the causes of the mass concrete cracks.

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When the concrete was first showed a trend of condense sclerosis, it will produce the physical heat of hydration, and the heat of hydration can increase the temperature of concrete, prompting the volume expansion. Concrete in the base area will be affected by the constraints of the foundation fail to produce compressive stress, because it has very strong plasticity, therefore has the low compressive stress.

When the temperature drop of concrete itself, the volume will become no longer expanding,  itself produces a tensile stress right now, once exceeds the limits of a certain amount, it can make the phenomenon of concrete cracks.

Of course, there are many reasons for the cracks in mass concrete, the influence factors include cement varieties, dosage, admixture, chemical additives, construction technology, the environment temperature, curing conditions, etc.

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