The Factors Influencing the Production Efficiency of Concrete Mixer

Even users buy the same type concrete mixer from a concrete mixing equipment manufacturer, they may find that their concrete equipment have different output in the end. Some may find their concrete mixers’ output is almost 3 to 5 meters per hour less than others’. Why this happens? Today, we will analysis this issue from 3 main aspects.
First, the user didn’t operate according to the instructions strictly. For example, he didn’t add water in time when adding materials. Instead, he adds water after all the materials are added. This may lead to low efficiency.


Second, the user didn’t pay enough attention to equipment maintenance. Appropriate maintenance is quite important to increasing the service life and working efficiency of a concrete mixer. So please make sure your mixer is kept in good maintenance.
Third, the user didn’t use the mixer to produce concrete regularly. Instead, he uses the mixer to produce mortar materials for a period of time, and then he uses it to produce concrete for another period of time. That will do great damage to the machine. It increases the run-in time, and lower the production efficiency.
Therefore, concrete mixer users should pay attention to the above three factors influencing the production efficiency of a concrete mixer and try to avoid low production efficiency. Our machines are sold all over the world, welcome to contact us. Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will satisfy your different requirements.

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