The Fail Factors of Batching Plant Lubrication System

The lubrication system of concrete mixing station is very important to complete mixing station equipment operation, regular inspection can guarantee normal operation of equipment. Whether commercial concrete mixing plant or cement concrete mixing station, production line workers should conscientiously implement the inspection of every link of the production system of concrete mixing station work. Here are five factors which would invalidate the batching plant lubrication system:


  1. The hydraulic oil loseefficacycaused by high temperature.

The hydraulic oil in the environment of high temperature for a long time will lead to the oxidation of failure, oil colour from the original black become more sticky. Motor work in formation of the acid will cause certain corrosion to the lubricating oil. The materials such as carbon deposit, sludge, and paint film will increase.

  1. Impurities of oil pollution

These impurities are mainly metal particles, dust in the air, leakage, lubricating oil oxide, etc.

  1. The failure of lubricating oil
  2. Lubricating oil is no longer a viscous effect
  3. The base oil fails

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