The Features of CamelWay Concrete Pump

1. Automatic lubrication system, ensure the equipment running continuously for a long time;
2. High quality accessories, electronic spare parts list, select the accurate and fast, saving you from trouble back at home.
3. Global sourcing, selection and matching equipment for the international famous brand components.
4. On the whole machine and the key structures using three-dimensional design, finite element analysis, a higher safety performance;
5. The suction efficiency can reach 95%, 10% higher than the industry average, 15% higher than the national standard.
6. A key to high and low pressure switch, switch may at any time, no leakage, no pollution;
7. The two-way cartridge valve reversing patent technology, supplemented by independent cooling and filtration system, hydraulic system oil temperature is low, the impact of small, long service life;
8. Intelligent electronic control system, diesel engine speed regulation computer automatic control technology, energy conservation and environmental protection.
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