The Function of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete mixing plant, a joint device, which is used to concentrate on mixing concrete, also known as concrete prefabricated field. Because its mechanization, high degree of automation, high productivity, so it can guarantee the quality of concrete and cement, and is commonly used in large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, Bridges and other projects. Especially, when the project need a lot of concrete, long construction period and construction site concentration, the concrete mixing plant usually can be used. Centralized with the development of municipal construction, stirring, provide commercial concrete mixing station has great advantages, and thus get rapid development, and create the conditions for promoting concrete pump, the mixing, transportation, and casting machinery joint operation.

concrete mixing station

The company has produced tower cranes, construction elevators, concrete mixing stations, JS concrete mixers, concrete batching machines, stabilized soil mixing stations, wheel loaders, concrete transport tanks, JZC concrete mixers and other construction machinery, with a total of 100 models divided into eight series, covering almost all types of construction machinery and equipment needed for building construction. The company has an extensive user base in the country, enjoying a high popularity. Some products are exported to Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Brazil and other countries, being highly praised by foreign friends.

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