The function of sealing struture of concrete mixing plant

Prevent the dust of sand and gravel raw material. In the concrete mixing plant, the dust of the sand and gravel material is mainly related to the wind speed and the water content of dust particles. Therefore, reducing the air storage of sand and gravel and other materials and ensuring the certain moisture content (water content is greater than 10%) are effective means to curb this kind of dust. concrete batching plant
Sealing the raw material yard with steel structure can effectively reduce the dust. At the same time, in the steel structure plant, we can install a spray system device to regularly spray to make it atomization when loading and unloading, to keep the surface of the sand wet. These measures can control the dust in the sand and gravel yard in a certain distance range, which greatly reducing the impact of the external environment, to achieve the effective closure and control to the pollution source.
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