The Ignition Problems of Asphalt Mixing Plant

1) when no gas fire, depends on high pressure needle have a spark, because after a long work, high pressure injection may loose, two needle distance, or its atomization piece, piece, nozzle wear, or have stolen goods, there is no spark insufficient or too little spark ignition gas fire.
2) if the gas is not enough to ignite the fire of fire, could be the gas pressure is too low or standard but traffic is not enough, or the air door is too big to quench the fire, is possible.Special autumn or in the evening.
3) check and clean the photocell, guarantee the photocell working conditions, and to adjust when installing Angle.All external connection with it must be correct, and the contact tighten, there cannot be empty.
4) check the solenoid coil.Electromagnetic coil control the fuel injection valve.Because the work of time, coil, often lead to the contact surface wear, coil produces eddy current increase thereby, easy to heat, cause the coil to burn out, in order to maintain production, so we have to manually to let its and fixed.
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