The importance of batching process in the production line of concrete mixing plant

In concrete mixing plant, batching is an important job. The general quality of the project is determined by the ingredients. Then, what matters should we pay attention to in the batching operation of concrete mixing stations?

The calibration of the batching unit of the concrete mixing station. We should pay attention to the calibration of batching units in the course of application. For the same batching machine, different standard aggregate and different material door opening have different calibration coefficients. Therefore, when replacing aggregate standards and adjusting material gate opening, calibration coefficients corresponding to the proportioning machine must be calibrated from scratch. Especially in the beginning of application, more attention should be paid to the calibration work of batching machine. Always adhere to the standard aggregate batching machine in the same concrete mixing station batching unit. The difference of aggregate standard will not only affect the fluctuation of mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the function of mixture. Therefore, we should strictly strengthen the stockpile management to avoid the occurrence of mixing and mixing. At the same time, the loader’s hand should be carefully operated to avoid mixing.

Before the start of the concrete mixing station, we should to show the alarm. After a few times the outdoor ring ring, and it is concluded that there will be no risk attack. In normal production, emergency can be reported by this method. The mixture ratio and moisture content of the stabilized soil mixture, which is made of the equipment, can be determined by the method of sampling and analysis. Then, according to the results of the analysis, the accuracy of the proportioning machine and the water supply flow can be adjusted again.

When the equipment of concrete mixing station is put into normal operation, it should be equipped with three skilled workers, one on the console and the other two to carry out the operation of equipment, material distribution and supply condition, and to keep the belt machine running at any time to monitor and adjust. Find out questions, deal with them in time, or tell operators to stop.

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