The Ladder Type Concrete Mixer Installation Steps

  1. The concrete mixer discharge end toward wall, keep the stability of the machine, set up the rest and tighten the bolt.
  2. Loosen the manual hoisting cable, rely on the pulley of the rack to promote top rack up to a certain height.
  3. Mount chassis, plug head frame board on frame planking, tight coupling screw.
  4. Loosen the wire rope, the rope is in the upper part of the chassis. The upper frame and chassis to ascend together from the ground 0.5 meters to 0.8 meters, then install balladeur train from the below. Put the hopper in the sliding frame.
  5. Install the pulley, hook and cross arm reinforcing bar.
  6. Loosen the wire rope, the crown pulley traction to improve with good safety latch.  JZC

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