The Main Technical Points of Concrete Mixer Disassembly and Repair

  1. Check the wear parts of the wear condition of equipment, whether to meet the production requirements of the future.Mainly include: main engine blades, lining board, belt conveyor belt.
  2. According to the maintenance of the equipment and conditions, to pick up check replacement of equipment easy to lock parts, mainly include: travel switch, strain sensors, ac contactor, solenoid valve, etc.
  3. The location of lines, pipes, para tag.And record, for future fast. Facilitate the accurate installation.
  4. Necessary clean-up of various pipelines, such as adding jing transfer line. Then put the sealing plug nozzle, prevent the disassembling process, transportation, water, oil, sand and other contaminants into position and prevent joint physical impact.

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5.  Clean the spiral conveyor tube to the cement, fly ash, prevent after the rain water                 flow into the agglomerate.

  1. The number of lubricating oil gun to check the equipment run Xiao parts cloud and basin, add or replace the necessary.Mainly include: the host reducer, electric drum, air compressor, screw conveyor, etc.
  2. The blender sticky concrete or agglomerate powder to clean up, clean up the parts are: the feed opening mixer lining, aggregate, powder feed opening, additive dog-house, powder weighing hopper, etc.
  3. In order to finish the disassembly of the equipment as soon as possible, the bolt connection are gas cutting is adopted, so the deal with the specifications of the bolt, number. You should purchase before equipment installation.

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