The Management of Raw Materials in Concrete Mixing Station

Strengthen material handling station, is one of the important ways to avoid the construction site harmonic loss spoils and achieve economic benefits.We need to do the following:

First, drawn up guidelines before mixing ,for example,purchase and supply plan, material occasions accumulation, in-out warehouse handling, etc. Secondly, there are stages of raw materials to the order of appearance, to ensure that the concrete needs of production, avoid waste materials. Furthermore, according to the type of material , specification, quality, quantity, and requirements, we should make strict inspection on materials. Storage material to be disposed in accordance with the requirements of the field level, to ensure the convenience of construction, a smooth journey, to minimize the secondary handling. Then it is to use a variety of useful ways to ensure that the material does not reduce the value of the use.concrete mixing station.

After all, we want to take consumption quantity control according to quota and related materials. Concrete supply and materials used in the process of applying for inspection, the team urged the rational use of materials. As long as the disposal of the raw materials of concrete mixing station, the company can greatly reduce the capital, to obtain the economic benefits.

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