The Method to Judge the Accuracy of Batching Scale

Cement mixing plant batching scale static verification is the fourth standard weight of batching scale calibration device of its own, to determine the indicating device of the error, dynamic calibration using cement as test materials, set a preset loading values of quality, loading program, complete the loading process, the loading instruments has its own weighing device, calculation and deviation on average every time charging and charge loading quality and charging the default value of the average deviation, confirm the accuracy grade of the automatic loading weighing apparatus.
1. Cement mixing plant batching scale static verification
Use direct overweight method, using the flicker point method, get in each weighing point error.
2. Cement mixing plant batching scale dynamic calibration
Box materials testing, to get each time charging and charge average deviation and charging default error of two test results.
Use of dynamic and static verification method, to determine the accuracy of the cement mixing plant batching scale higher, ingredients in the whole concrete preparation system is a key point, ingredient proportion of small error will affect the quality of concrete.

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