The Micro Cracks of Concrete Mixing Station

First, during the initial microfracture: because hardening and drying shrinkage of  cement, moisture evaporates cause internal micro cracks in the station. But we always ignore this. Most of these cracks appear in the mortar connection interface, a small present within it. If we timely discover and maintenance, these cracks can be controlled.

concrete mixing station1

Second, during present the crack of concrete mixing station: the initial cracks start rendering extension expansion, it is usually very short. After the crack extension, it can get balance. Some say this period is crack quasi-elastic contact.If the load is constant, it will not present new cracks.

Third, during the unstable crack extension: whatever the reason caused the micro cracks before, after the load exceeds the critical stress, some beginning cohesion will be the big cracks, this situation once appear, it will be on their own extensions. Even if the load is constant can also damage to the concrete mixing station itself.

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