The operation process of the control system

First, the operator to open the power supply of the power distribution ark before operates, then  open the air compressor.

Second, turn on the computer power switch, in accordance with the operation of windows and enter into the computer system.
Third , according to the operating instructions, to accurately use software system.
Fourth, when the pressure reaches standards, open the main engine. Then open belt switch after launching the main engine completely.control system

Fifth, non-operators prohibit unauthorized operation.

Sixth, no person shall tamper with the computer in the operating room, and the computer only can be used to produce concrete and printed materials.
Seventh, washing machine after casting is completed timely, to exit the operating system in accordance with the windows and close the computer in an accurate way.

Eight, if appearing abnormal situation, operator should report to relevant leaders.

Ninth, regularly clean operation room.

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