The Orbital Distance of Screw Conveyor in Concrete Mixing Station

Screw conveyor as an essential material handling equipment in concrete mixing station consists of the conveyor ontology, orifice, and device driver. There are three kinds of screw blade include  entity helicoid, belt helicoid and blade helical surface.Screw conveyor

First, pick-rail distance:

Switch and change caterpillar track traction rail to choose pick-rail distance. The intermesh of  push rod and lift paw is smaller than the number of car end.The amount of the mesh change is in order to keep the normal link.

Second, pressure Rail Distance:
Straight and curved track rails are made of pressure-rail distance. Rail pressure can ensure greater engagement and prevent climbing when “coasting” phenomenon.

Third, standard gauge distance:
Horizontal straight rail are made of standard gauge distance. Standard gauge distance can ensure the traction chain hoist and trolley pusher reliable engagement.

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