The Preparation Work Before Dismantling Concrete Mixing Plant

  • Make the demolishing scheme according to the situation of construction site and the local lifting equipment situation.
  • With good dismantling homework personnel, construction machinery and equipment and materials.concrete mixing station1
  • Before dismantling, numberingall equipment and parts, homework personnel must be familiar with drawings and demolishing scheme, and be prepared to record in detail in the process of demolition.
  • Demolition of construction site, road level off, rolling solid,obstacles removed, in order to meet the lifting equipment, transportation equipment in appearance and work conditions.
  • Construction site equipmentand cement tank scrap to empty, aggregate and dust on tape to clean up for dismantling conveniently.
  • Project department arrange specialist in demolition work sites so as to avoid loss and damage to equipment.
  • Remove the job site power installation to ensure that dismantling homework.
  • Making packing to electrical components and fragmented parts.

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