The principles of PLD concrete batching machine

PLD concrete batching machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system and electric control system. When the machine starting work, conveyor belt will convey the materials of the hopper until the conveyor belt stops. Then under the control of the control instrument, it will batch the materials in turn. When finishing, the control instrument will start the conveyor belt to convey batching materials to next link.
1. Feeding system: feeding system is composed of storage hopper and feeding device. The feeding system of concrete batching machine is to feed materials into weighing hopper under the control of electric control system.
2. Weighing system: it is the main part of concrete batching machine, and consists of weighing hopper, suspension devices, sensors weighing system and batching controller.
3. Electrical control system: electrical control system is the core part of the concrete batching machine, and it is mainly consists of batching controller and electrical circuit parts.
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