The Protection Measures of Concrete Mixing Plant

Owing to the change of temperature, the characteristic of concrete has been changed, which will inevitably affect the quality of concrete mixtures, and it will also do great harm to your equipment. If users have to work in low cold working condition, they should take appropriate protection measures to ensure the smooth operation of their equipment. In winter, the temperature will gradually go down in most of northern regions, and the construction period of lots of works have been gradually prolonged. Especially in some cold areas, lots of projects have been shut down.



Concrete batching plant is usually put in the open air, and the water system, cylinder and mixing blades are easy to freeze under low operation temperature. Besides that, the gas path and water circuit device are also easily to freeze, which will greatly decrease the working efficiency and affect the quality of concrete. How to solve these problems?  Traditionally, users often put up a thermal insulation shed to warm the equipment. Users can also warm the equipment through electric heating method, and they should obey the following rules:

All electrical operation should be performed by a professional electrician.

It should adopt low voltage power, which should be around 50-110V.

Operators should check the temperature of the concrete in the heating process, and the electricity should be suspended if the surface of concrete is dry.

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