The purpose of concrete mixing maintenance

1, prolong the service life of concrete mixer;
2, ensure the efficient operation of the concrete mixer;
3, reduce downtime, avoid affecting production;
4, indirectly saving the use cost of the company;
5, to create a comfortable working environment;

Know the importance of cement concrete mixing equipment maintenance, we should pay attention to it. According to the survey, mechanical equipment failure rate, 60 % of mechanical equipment failure is caused by poor lubrication, 30 % of mechanical equipment failure is not caused by fastening. Therefore, according to the reason to find a solution to suit the remedy to the case.
Before that, we need to have a knowledge of the mixing building main building structure, in order to carry out subsequent maintenance work, mixing building main building structure: the main building structure from bottom to top can be divided into driving layer, mixing layer, metering layer, sand temporary layer, etc.
The traveling crane layer is mainly used to support the steel structure of the mixing building in order to facilitate the concrete mixing vehicle to pass through. The stirring layer is internally provided with a stirring host machine, which mainly completes various stirring operations. Measuring layer with aggregate hopper, cement measuring bucket, fly ash measuring bucket, water measuring bucket, admixture measuring bucket, etc., mainly to complete all kinds of measuring temporary work. Sand temporary storage layer for mixing the top of the main building, mainly has the material distribution system and other parts

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