The Raw Materials of Concrete Batching Plant

Many users are hesitant when they want to invest the concrete batching plant, which usually makes them lose good opportunities. Today, I’d like to talk about the necessary raw materials of concrete batching plant when producing concrete.

concrete mixing station


Concrete batching plant usually adopts portland cement with stable quality or ordinary portland cement. When we have sufficient condition, other cement can also be chosen.

2.Fine Aggregate

The fine aggregate adopts the river sand, which has the advantages of good gradation, hard texture, low water absorption and clean particles. When the river sand is difficult to get, then we can adopt the artificial sand which is processed by hard rock and is in accordance with the national standard.

  1. Coarse aggregate

Concrete batching plant adopts macadam which has the advantages of hard texture, reasonable gradation, good grain shape and low water absorption. Crushed pebble can also be adopted. The pebble can also be adopted for those concrete with low grade.


Concrete batching plant adopts drinking water.


Admixtures mainly includes coal ash, ground granulated slag, silica fume, etc. When we using, we must guarantee the stable quality of products.


The type of additive should be chosen according to the design and construction, which should have the advantages of high water-reducing rate, little slump loss and staple quality.

Through the above introduction, I hope it can help you have a more comprehensive understanding to the raw material of concrete batching plant and can make a wiser choice on investment. If you have any question, you can contact us at any time.

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