The Reason of Concrete Mixer Reducer Fault

The reducer gearbox fault is mainly caused by the failure of gear, shaft, bearings. We often use the method of fault diagnosis to analyze the reason of concrete mixer reducer fault.

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Gear reducer vibration spectrum line generally have rotation frequency and low order harmonic frequency, the gear meshing frequency and its frequency doubling, the edge of meshing frequency band, and each order natural frequency of the gear and bearing the original fault vibration frequency and vibration, etc. Power spectrum contains a lot of size and change cycle is not the same frequency structure. It is difficult to rely on Fourier transform or spectrum technology to distinguish from the mixed cycle component. The cepstrum analysis can separate the sideband signal and easily recognize the changes and characteristics. The height of cepstrum reflects the periodic components of original power spectrum. The size of the inverted frequency value reflects the side band spacing.

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