The Requirements of Concrete Mixing Station for Foundation

Concrete mixing station construction, is also a project. Need to consider the characteristics and project cost structure. The rationality of foundation and underground structural design is very important, only solid foundation can ensure the normal operation of the entire mixing station. Therefore, the construction of concrete mixing station has high demands on underground structural design. Camelway will introduce it to you.concrete mixing plant

These requirements are mainly reflected in: first, the accuracy of the structural design requirements. To learn more about the design before making the design requirements including site conditions, geological conditions and other factors, and then integrate the knowledge on mechanical and electrical design to make a reasonable program after repeated and careful calculation and verification, and then put into construction through a rigorous review process .
Second, the requirements of the design is clear. If the schedule is not very tight or size is not very large, we should use larger drawings to ensure clear and accurate for the construction work carried out smoothly and efficiently. Third, keep security. To understand the conditions and geological conditions of the construction. And the ground-based stations and underground structures should keep the range of compressive stress in 0.2-0.3MPa. The basic intensity should be selected and calculated in accordance with the appropriate standards.

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