The Requirements of HZS60 Concrete Mixing Station in Weighing Indicators

During the production process of concrete mixing plant, if it can finish the work of weighing and proportioning of raw materials, it not only can ensure the quality of concrete products, but also can better save raw material.

concrete batching plant

The concrete mixing station weighing indicators through a serial connection or light coupling input keyboard function can remotely control the conversion rate, and the conversion rate is as high as 200 times per second. The update rate can choose 1, four, eight, sixteen or 20 times per second, and BCD output rate can choose 4,8,16 or 20 times per second. In the use of concrete mixing station weighing indicator, zero and span calibration can be independently, drive up to 4 x350 ohm load. To choose 3 programmable input of photoelectric coupler, optional 2 set photoelectric coupler output, optional RS232 / RS485 serial input/output port, simulation and BCD output etc.

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