The Screw Pitch of Screw Conveyor in Concrete Batching Plant

Screw conveyor in the commercial concrete mixing plant is the center of the bin and mixing machine, so the determination of the screw conveyor pitch is one of the ways to reduce energy consumption.


The size of the screw conveyor pitch has a direct influence on material conveying process, if the filling coefficient is constant, when the pitch is not at the same time, the material movement of the slip plane is also changed. If changed the screw conveyor filling coefficient, it will lead to the change of the material movement velocity distribution. So, we should consider the spiral surface and material relationship of friction and velocity between the components in the appropriate distribution of the relationship between the two conditions, to determine the most reasonable pitch size.

Determine the maximum allowable pitch, on the one hand, it need to make the spiral of each point on the surface of the axial transmission speed is greater than the circumference of a circle, on the other hand, it also need to make the material the axial transport velocity of particles is as large as possible. Concrete mixing plant equipment factory analysis shows that for smaller filling coefficient, pitch can be of great value;On the other hand, for larger filling coefficient, you should take smaller pitch values.

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