The use and characteristics of the batching station

Batching plant is an important component of the whole mixing equipment, it is mainly used to store aggregate, accurate measurement and timely supply of aggregate. The material storage capacity of the batching plant is 1.25 – 2.5 times of the rated production capacity of the mixing equipment, and the conveying belt conveyor is used for feeding in time to ensure the continuous normal work of the concrete mixing plant; Accurate metering ingredients to achieve the reasonable gradation of aggregate, to ensure the comprehensive performance of concrete requirements.

Batching plant maintenance point
1, check whether the vibration motor bolt is loose;
2, bin screen whether there is a jam;
3, check the door limit device is loose, so as not to affect the accuracy of the fall value;
4, check whether the cylinder open is normal and reliable cylinder bolt is loose;
5, check whether the electromagnetic valve action is sensitive;
6, muffler is blocked.

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