The Working Principle of Unloading System

The unloading parts is one of the main accessories in concrete mixing plant. Discharge system mainly consists of material door, seal control plate, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and limit near switch, etc. When unloading station system working, discharge system will be fully open, half open or closed. Then what’s the operation principle of accessories? Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery will tell you.Concrete batching Station

Unloading station accessories, mainly by direct motor with gear pump structure, extra oil pressure is 6-16 mpa.24 v dc electromagnetic valve control the two oil outlet to replace oil supply.

When the system pressure to achieve first-class valve, it will set pressure relief. To avoid the system in case of power outages and maintenance, you need a manual pump and manual valve. Accidental power failure in the hydraulic pump or other electrical machine can not open the door, it need to use manual pump discharge gate, and concrete should be discharged to avoid agglomeration in a blender or cured concrete pipe.


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